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That WOD Went Worse Than I Expeted

Today’s WOD intrigued me a lot and I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather to get at it outside and run. The run wasn’t too bad, but man, those hangs “squat” cleans especially did kill me today. I went with the level two weight at ninety-five pounds because the seventy-five would just be too light for me to move correctly.

The weight being too light really is a thing. I can get away with the lighter weight now more than I could early on in Crossfit because I move a lot better now and muscle memory. Those early days in Crossfit cleans and some other things were a real struggle for me because I was too strong and using light weight didn’t allow me to feel how the weight was moving. At the same time, my technique just wasn’t there for heavier weight. It was a catch twenty-two for me for a long time.

Back to the topic of today’s WOD now, though. I just couldn’t seem to cycle the barbell for shit today. I was too distracted by the sun reflecting from the bar. When I turned around to face away from the sun, it sort of had me feet on the more uneven pavers of the patio and my heels were slightly slanted down. I just couldn’t cycle the bar for shit today.

I think poor sleep from drinking at Joy’s last night may have been a factor with me struggling too. I did it and got a good workout in.

I tripped over one of the pushed sections of the poorly maintained sidewalks when we were out for a walk the other night. That really hurt and I felt my knee twist as my foot stopped, and my body kept going. It felt fine as I walked it off, but it’s still feeling a bit weak, so that didn’t help matters with the WOD today either. Add to that the heavy deadlifts that I did yesterday and it’s a double whammy.

At least when we did our bro shit later on, I felt better and was able to go pretty heavy with all of those lifts. Earlier in the day my strict presses had gone pretty well too.

Today’s music was Alice In Chains