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We Were Able To Do a WOD Together This Evening

Last night, I slept okay for having gone to Joy’s the night before. Sure, I didn’t sleep great, but at least I slept okay. I felt pretty good when I got up this morning. Molly was ready to go look for vegetable plants for our garden as soon as Stauffer’s opened.

We got all of our running around done in the morning, then came home and planted the vegetables in the garden. We added dirt and mixed it in after we got rid of all the weeds yesterday, so it was ready to just plant. Since we didn’t need to get the shed painted first, we got an earlier start this year than last year and also have the stuff spread out more. Last year we had the peppers too close together and the tomato plants got too big and overwhelmed everything. We also put some things in pots this year.

We relaxed for a while and eventually, I decided I wanted to do today’s WOD. I was originally going to do the barbell version, but since Molly wanted to do it with me, I went with shift, so we could both use the dumbbells together on the patio. They just take up much less space. We don’t do as many WODs with each other as I’d like. It was a fun WOD. I’d done it last weekend, but it was one of those types where I could do it every day and get a good workout.

Hang or even power snatches from the ground are always one of those things that jack my heart rate up. My vision doesn’t really slow me down with them like some other things do. The air squats were a tad slower for me today because my knee had been acting up, but I still completed the WOD at the lower end of the goal time. The real enjoyment is spending time with her doing it and at the same time improving the health of both the of us.

After supper, we went for a nice walk around the neighborhood too. I miss doing that, but her foot’s been bothering her, and she’s on her feet all day at work, so I haven’t suggested it. She wanted to start getting back into it during her vacation now that it’s not too “cold” for her, and mentioned it after supper.

The weather couldn’t have been better for a walk. The sun had come back out and the wind let up some. It was in the seventies outside, but it was feeling at least a little chilly to me. That was mainly because I picked up some light sunburn today out in the garden. In a way, it reminded me of when we’re down the shore. I tend to get burnt during the day and the sea breeze feels so chilly as do the evenings. It was just enough of a burn to make the skin feel hot. It was a great way to finish the day of doing things together.

Hopefully we can walk more and do more WODs together.