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My Squats Felt Great Today Today!

Last night was Thursday night, so we headed to Joy’s for date night. We got our drinks and pizza fast, so it worked out great to get home to watch the Phillies. Unfortunately, they lost, but that’s going to happen. The Phillies are a good team, but you can’t sleep on the Diamondbacks.

Due to drinking adult beverages last night, I had the usual poor night’s sleep. Thinking about it now, I wouldn’t say I slept poorly, but I didn’t have a great night’s sleep either. I did wake up for a while in the middle of the night. In addition to the poor sleep, I woke up at one point with an angry shoulder. I was sleeping on it weirdly, and that anger lingered this morning. I still thought I would give my back squats a try.

The lighter sets felt really great. My shoulder didn’t seem to even notice the bar on it, which really shocked me, but I was happy with it. The squats themselves felt great, and as is usually the case, they felt even better as I progressed into the heavier weights.

The second to last set for three at two hundred and sixty pounds really felt great. Those were really solid and explosive back squats. The bar didn’t even feel heavy. I would go so far as to say that they felt easy.

The final AMRAP set was for three plus reps at 290 pounds. That bar felt light on my back, and I was just feeling the first two reps. They were extremely explosive. They looked like light warm up reps on the video Molly recorded. The first two squats truly felt easy. The last one was a bit tougher, but even that didn’t feel too bad.

Between running around grocery shopping and my shoulder, I decided not to do a WOD today. I know it will be fine tomorrow, so I figured it was best to not anger it more and make it last longer. It’s not like I did something to it besides being old and sleeping wrong.

Music for the squats was Temple Of The Dog