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Single Squat At Three Hundred Pounds

Last night, I got a good night’s sleep. The windows were open, and the temperature dropped fast enough that we didn’t even need to use the fan. That’s one advantage of this extremely dry weather we’ve been having. We’ve had crazy many days with a crazy diurnal temperature range, and that’s how last night was. It was in the upper 40s when I woke up.

I woke up feeling great. My knee feels bruised from all those burpees yesterday, but it wasn’t something that, I thought, would stop me. I was ready mentally to head out into the home gym and do my squats with my coffee this morning. Out of courtesy to the neighbors, I waited until about 8:30. By then there was plenty going on outside that I shouldn’t be waking any one up.

Once I got under the bar, I did notice that I was feeling a little sluggish with my squats. Even with my empty bar warm up set, that felt heavier than it should have. I pushed through it though and just took my time to enjoy myself. Although it was feeling heavy, I was moving really well today.

As I worked my weight up through the weights, the squats felt better. They usually feel better though once I get up around body weight. It just feels better for balance and that sort of thing. I assume it just helping me get a better center of gravity.

The second to last set called for three at two hundred and seventy pounds. That felt heavy and decently tough to get through but I did it with an extra breath or two between the squats. The breaths weren’t neccessarily for rest but for me to gather the mental focus to do another one.

Finally, I got to my last set. Today called for the one plus AMRAP set at three hundred pounds. Even Just unracking that barbell felt crushingly heavy today. I stood there with it on my shoulder for what seemed like an eternity, trying to get the focus I needed to do it. It’s a weight that I knew I should be able to do, but I knew it should be challenging. Finally, I did the squat. The lift felt heavy and slower than I’d have liked it to be. Because it felt so tough, I stopped at one today. Funnily enough, the video showed it not being all that slow. Sure it wasn’t a super explosive warm up set, but it looked good, and I held my position well. I should have gone for more.

Music for the WOD was Obscura