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Sort Of A Repeat WOD Today And It Went Better That I Thought It Would

Last night I slept great. I didn’t even wake up in the middle of the night, so I had to take my thyroid pill this morning when I got up. That unfortunately meant I had to wait a while to do drink my coffee, No big deal. It wasn’t that long of a wait. I just laid in bed on my tablet for a little while.

I ate breakfast today! I was hungry, and my stomach was growling all morning. Normally, I don’t eat anything more than a banana in the morning. I’m sure the squats and tough WOD yesterday were a factor. I ate a bowl of oatmeal and then laid on the couch for a while with my tablet waiting for that to digest a bit, so I could get out into the home gym to get the bench press done.

The bench press actually went pretty well for me today. The warm-ups felt pretty good. In some ways, today was pretty similar to yesterday. I was taking my time and enjoying myself in that good state of mind while lifting. The PR set of five, I wound up getting seven and stopping there. That as at a hundred and sixty pounds. Today I also manged to remember that the two and a half pound change plate was on the bar before completely pulling the ten off. I forgot once before and the fractional plate landed right on the joint in my toes. That wasn’t fun.

I screwed around for a little while before I wanted to do the WOD. I wanted to allow my shoulders to recover some before jumping into that.

The WOD itself was an intriguing one to me. WE’ve done something similar last year, but the rep scheme was slightly different. Last time it was one solid round instead of six minutes, rest four minutes then do the same number you got in the first round for time that today’s was.

It was eight dumbelll power snatches then six one armed thrusters with one arm then switch arms and do the same. That whole thing, or at least the way I counted it was one round.

I went with the forty pound dumbbell today because I knew I should be able to do it. I completed the WOD with a score that was in the goal time and round range. At first, I was a little disappointed in my score and how I did, but then I saw mentioned what the original WOD was. Even though it was slightly different, I did have a similar score for the same amount of time. The difference is last time I did it, I only used the twenty-five pound dumbbells. Once I realized I went much heavier today, that made me feel much better about how I did. I had thought that last time I Rxed it, but that’s not what the logbook shows.

It was a good WOD for me today. It really got my heart rate up there, but the four minutes of rest basically allowed for a full recovery for the second part. I liked the WOD a lot, and I’ll have to add it to my favorites when the WOD that’s programmed won’t be ideal for me to do with our space and layout. The only thing I did wrong was maybe coming out a little too hot in the very beginning.

Perhaps I’ll have to try the extra challenge with a fifty pound dumbbell sometime soon. I certainly feel like I can. It’s not uncommon for me to use that on the snatches, but I was just unsure about the thrusters today being only on one side at a time. After realizing it wasn’t a problem, I’ll have to push myself next time if I’m feeling up to it on that day. Music today was Paradise Lost.