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Took The Vault WOD A Bit Slower

I slept well last night. I felt great when I woke up. It was a cool but not cold night, so I felt great, only half under the covers. When I got up, I drank my coffee and browsed the web a bit while enjoying it.

I did notice my angle still had some lingering stiffness to it. Yesterday, particularly in the evening, it was really bugging me. It was almost as if my foot didn’t want to support my weight when I stood up at time on Friday. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what I did to it. Maybe I landed awkwardly doing stupid hop overs in the workout yesterday afternoon. They are such an overused thing in Street Parking.

I wanted to get this week’s Street Parking Vault WOD done sooner rather than later this morning. We have to watch Brooke, then take her to softball, and who knows how long that’s going to be? I wanted to just get it done. It didn’t look like a great workout for me.

The workout it self was just a lot of air squats and deadlifts, with rowing in between. It was a too many deadlifts. It wound up being a hundred and twenty eight total along with a hundred and fiftyish air squats. I used the thirty-five pound dumbbells. When I do dumbbell deadlifts, it’s almost a deficit and can lighten my back a bit. Not so much sore from using it, but more my glutes pulling it.

It took the deadlifts a good bit slower than I normally would, along with the air squats too. With my ankle bugging me yesterday, I figured it would be wise to not overdo it. It was a workout. It was not a great one for me and not a fast one either, but I got my heart rate up and kept moving. If it weren’t a vault WOD I’d probably have done something else.

I went a few minutes over Street Parking’s goal, but I wasn’t concerned with that at all. It was more about moving at a steady and moderate pace, but moving well while doing that. I got it done. I put a score in.

When Brooke got here, it was all about chasing her around the house. There’s not much in life that’s better than hearing a younger child laugh. It’s always a mood booster.

It was sunny and fairly mild for her softball game, so we got to enjoy the warmth of it and get some vitamin D while watching. She seems to enjoy playing. That surprised me because I doubted that she’d be really into it. I thought maybe she only played because her sisters do, but she seemed to be having fun and was excited to go.

Today’s music was Alice In Chains.