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As Expected, I Failed My Squat At 320!

Last night I slept well enough, but for some reason I just was not feeling my squats. Good sleep was helped by the fact that we didn’t drink last night. That will be this afternoon instead of this week.

My girlfriend had an appointment, then some running around to get done after that. Before her appointment, we went to the grocery store. Once again, they were stocking up and had big carts everywhere. Even blocking aisles. They also had boxes and crap on the floor, like they usually do. Today I tripped over one. Maybe these people will get a clue someday. I’d imagine that lawyers would advise them to not do the things they do.

I wanted to get my back squats in right after her appointment before we had to leave again. She likes watching me do these heavy squats, and of course, when it’s near my max, I’d prefer to do it while she’s here in case of a freak accident. I started my light sets a few minutes before she would be home. That’s when I knew I was in for a tough day and should keep my hopes low. While the squats felt good, they felt overly heavy, and my focus just wasn’t super sharp this morning.

I did my first working set as she walked in the door. That was five reps at two hundred and fifty pounds. While it felt heavy, they went well and felt surprisingly good. Next up was the set of three at two hundred and eighty pounds. That felt really tough, but good too. It wasn’t easy, but I made it through the three reps without my form breaking or ever thinking I was going to fail.

Things went a bit south after that set. I was trying to pull the forty-pound plates off the stack, and it’s so tough to get my fingers under the plates. They fit on the pole pretty tightly, too, so that doesn’t help. I think I wasted all my energy fighting with those plates, but I was stubborn. I wanted the three-point squat, even if it wasn’t successful. I want to do it that way any chance I get, since it is a long-term goal of mine. It will also help eventually with not having a mental block with that plate setup.

The final set today called for a one rep AMRAP set at 320 pounds. My all-time max is 315 so that’s where the expected failure comes into play. I am not as aggressive as I should probably be when pushing heavy weights. On the positive side, it’s kept me injury-free so far. The weight really didn’t feel that heavy on my back. The squat felt pretty good too, until it didn’t. I ground to a halt, then lowered and dumped the bar down on the safety bars. Maybe my sticking point has shifted up a little? While the squat was a fail, I’ll take today as a win. I got under the weight, and it felt pretty good on a day when nothing felt good. I’ve never been under that weight before, either. It’s likely that I will make it next time I’m under this weight if I keep making the slow progress that I have been making.

Music squats was Dio