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First Attempt At A Real WOD Since COVID Take Two

I was hoping that I’d be done with COVID-19, but I seemingly got one of the variants that breaks through past immunity from the infection itself plus that vaccine. It started Saturday in hindsight when I felt a little tired and thought I did more poorly at the vault WOD than I expected. Sunday I did a test and it was positive. I felt okay enough to do a that really didn’t push me that much. As the day went on, I felt progressively worse. By the time I went to bed, It was full on fever, with my heart rate sitting around hundred and ten to a hundred and twenty. Normally, my resting heart rate is in the low to mid-fifties

Monday I did a shift with it modified down to just air squats instead of goblet squats and still took it slower. It’s what my condition called for. I just wanted to move a bit and not kill myself. I didn’t really need to get my heart rate up, considering it was a hundred and twenty to a hundred and thirty laying on the couch. That’s so ridiculous to me. The WOD went okay and served its purpose.

Yesterday I had the highest and steadiest fever, so I didn’t do a WOD. I just laid around on the couch and also sat out in the sunshine on the patio for a bit. That felt good at least. The sun was out nice and strong yesterday with clear blue skies. The slight breeze actually made it feel all the more refreshing.

I woke up feeling much better today with no fever. Maybe a slightly higher temperature than normal, but not a fever. The coughing is going away too. I had shitty sleep yet again, so I am feeling super exhausted but still wanted to attempt a WOD. I knew I wasn’t going to go all in on it and chose to do last Saturday’s WOD because I could cut it in the middle and still get a good workout in. It felt good. I purposely slowed down the sandbag clean and jerks. I kept a slower than normal but steady pace on the bike parts except for the final round when I knew I was stopping after that.

It felt good to get my heart rate up and my breathing wasn’t really influenced at all other than just the dry throat. I was happy as hell about that because I felt like this time COVID hit me harder. While my resting heart rate is still up quite a bit after the WOD, my heart rate recovered quickly down to the 90s.

I did cut the WOD in half because I just felt like that was the smart thing to do for today. I wanted to avoid getting the coughing started, and I certainly didn’t need to go all in with intensity today. It was more about seeing how my body would respond to a bit harder of a workout than I’ve done since Saturday.