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We Were Able To Do Yesterday's WOD Together

If there is one thing I miss about going to an actual gym to work out is there is usually more options for space. We’d often try to set up near each other so we could watch each other and try to keep up with each other. We also did partner WODS together

The one downfall about doing workouts in the garage is there is much less space. Stuff with barbells tends to take up to much space at least for my own comfort. Being Visually impaired I have poor depth perception so I always feel like I have less space than I do. I need my space though to safely bail if I need to. The last thing that I would want is to have my bar drop from overhead or something and bounce into my girlfriend.

We only have one rower so that can be a disadvantage too. Our Lottery gym would have two!

The benefits of working out at home far outweigh the disadvantages though. The greatest thing is we can do it on our own schedule when the time is convenient for us, not when it’s convenient for someone else to have a class. Another huge advantage is we can listen to our own music. Not the same old spotifly playlist with the same shitty songs or even worse boy bands. We had a coach we loved but once or twice she decided boy bands were the music. We did have a coach that liked melodic death metal which was better. I also remember doing the one open WOD a few years back by myself the coach asked what music I wanted and I said I didn’t care.. most of the stuff I like would be too offensive to too many people. She suggested viking metal. That worked!

Back to the main point though, yesterday we both did the sandbag option of the WOD which was just sandbag over your shoulder and weighted situps. I chose to do unweighted situps because the only way to make that exercise more dumb than it already is would be to add weight. Neither of these took up that much space so we were able to both have plenty of room in the garage. It got me thinking how nice it will be to be able to take our stuff outside in the summer and do the WODS together more often. Hell we could even take our sandbags to a park or something!