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Pretty Good Day Lifting Then Did A WOD

Last night before bed I was chilly and I was again this morning once I got out of bed. This house is just so drafty with the wind being a hundred years old and all. The cold helped me have a good night’s sleep I think once I got comfortable under the covers. I actually slept with a shirt one. First time in I don’t know how long.

I drank my coffee before and while Brooke was here. We played a few games and she made a mess dumping the dominos on me. IT was chilly out side temperature wise this morning but there was much less wind so it didn’t feel nearly as cold. That and the sun felt pretty good.

Shortly after she was gone I got changed and headed off into the garage gym to get my strength done. My legs weren’t feeling it at all but I had to do it.

I began the day with my three sets of five back squats at 225 pounds. These didn’t feel heavy or anything but my legs didn’t want to squat up or down. I dug in a and focused on getting them done pretty quickly and they felt pretty good in the end. They looked better than they felt. I kept it at the programmed three sets today with feeling so run down from the twenty reps plus deadlifts yesterday.

Strict presses came up next and they felt great for me today. Of course being light at only 97 pounds for three sets of five they should have felt great. I kept the rest nice and short between the sets and with such a light weight I did do to extra sets.

Last up were the power cleans. These were a light 150 pounds for five triples and I got through them easily enough keeping my rest nice and short. They felt great and looked really pretty so that was a good thing for me today.

Music today’s lifting was Atheist.

A few hours after I did my lifting and recovered a bit I decided to get a WOD in. I wanted to do the regular, non shift version of this week’s vault WOD. I did not make the goal time on it but I figured that was going to be the case. The air squats were easy enough along with the rowing part. What bogged me down was the two sets of forty push ups and sixty alternating V-ups. Neither of those movements are things I can do all that fast or in big sets so I just picked away at them. I did do a little bit better than I thought I would with it at least.

Music for the WOD was Alkaloid.

It was a good day in the garage gym for me today. I felt decent with my lifts and even though I did not enjoy the WOD it was a good one for me to do and I surprised myself a bit with it.