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Tough Barbell WOD

I felt pretty good this morning. I had a great night’s sleep again and was in a good mood. I wanted to do a barbell version of a WOD for a change, so I looked for one while I was drinking my coffee. Since I had already done today’s WOD last weekend, I needed to find one to do. I wanted one that was simple but would be challenging.

I remembered one from a week or two ago, which gives you a weight that you need to accumulate within fifteen minutes. You could either do clean and jerks or snatches. I’d done the dumbbell version earlier, and it was lots of fun and brutal. I have been wanting to do it with a barbell since it came out, but I was thinking I’d do it outside with heavier clean and jerks. The idea crossed my mind today that it would be fun to do with early light power snatches.

I loaded my bar with two fifteen pound plates to give a total of forty-five pounds. I knew I’d be able to cycle that and short of an accident I wouldn’t drop it. Dropping the weight from over head is something I miss doing in the garage, but I don’t want any weird bounces to hit the gas heater, especially when it’s lit.

I started out the WOD thinking that I’d do sets of ten. Pretty quickly it became obvious to me that it wouldn’t be sustainable with nothing else to break it up apart from a short breath or two breaks. I wound up doing quick sets of five with a very short rest between them after that. Because I knew I could, I went with the extra challenge weight, which was a total of seven thousand pounds. I just felt like I’d get much more out of that total than the five thousand pounds, since It would take loner. It would take me ninety-four reps to get to that extra challenge weight total. It wasn’t the type of workout where I wanted to take the easy way out. There’s a time and type pf WOD to do that, but this wasn’t one of those for me.

It was a tough WOD, but one that turned out to be a lot of fun. I found myself thinking just five more reps through a good chunk of the workout. I liked it a lot. It was simple in concept, but physically brutal. This was a workout I’ll certainly be repeating with various weights and lifts.

The thing that I didn’t expect with the WOD today is how long it took for my heart to really get up there. Sure, it was up a some early in the workout, but it hung out at a more moderate heart rate for the first several minutes. When it did finally spike to near the max, it really did. It stayed nice and high for quite a while after the WOD while I recovered, too. It’s a good sign that it’s staying lower for longer.

Music today was Alkaloid