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Heavy Squats Went Well After Too Little Sleep

I had too little sleep last night. Of course, I watched the Superbowl since the Eagles were in it. Along with that, I drank plenty of whiskey. Not in a get drunk kind of way, but I kept sipping a little here and there because I like it.

The game was excellent to watch, except for the last minute when they called a penalty that they’d been letting go all game. I know plenty of people blame the Eagles loss on that, but they lost because the Chiefs played and planned better. It’s as simple as that. Other than the Hurts fumble, the offense did have a great game. The defense was nonexistent. Sure, the turf looked terrible and hurt them, but the Chiefs had to play on that too, so it’s not a valid excuse. Most of what I saw I liked, and it was nice to have a game that wasn’t over until the end for a change. Hopefully, Gamnon is gone next year. He just doesn’t change when he needs to.

Even with drinking and getting to bed late, I did sleep well once I finally got to sleep. I kept getting startled before I fell asleep, so it seemed to take forever. Someone even felt the need to take out their trash cans close to midnight. I woke up feeling surprisingly refreshed this morning.

Yesterday my calf kept cramping, so I was unsure whether I should do my heavy back squats today or swap the order. I debated back and forth on that while I drank my coffee. Today it was still slightly cramping, but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Eventually, I decided to give the squats a try and see how they felt and not really sweat it.

I got out into the garage to do my squats about 9:00 AM or so. It felt pretty good out there with the mild weather and the sun was nice coming in. I noticed that my squats were feeling good today when I started warming up with even just the bar. As I built my way up through the weights, the squats were feeling better each set. I was paying attention to my leg to see if it was going to cramp and would have, of course, stopped if it did, but that never became an issue. Today I was also having one of those types of days when I was taking my time and enjoying the challenge.

My last working set was the three plus AMRAP. I had to do that at two hundred and seventy-five pounds. That’s ten over my old Crossfit max, so I was a little surprised with how well that set went for me this morning. Due to my leg from yesterday, I wanted to avoid being super aggressive, but stopped at a fairly easy five reps. The video showed five nice clean squats with excellent depth and form. I care more about form than I do weights, so that was great to see.

A few hours later, I got up the energy to tackle a WOD. I hunted down one that would be fairly easy and just be movement without too much on my calf. I rowed, dd bent rows with the dumbbells and push-ups. It got my heart rate up, but not in that very high intensity way that WODs usually do. That’s precisely what I was looking for on this day.

Music today was Alice In Chains