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First Time Trying A WOD With 100 Pound Sandbag

Today’s WOD (well technically Thursdays’ we did it early) was one that I knew I’d be slower at and knew was the perfect opportunity to try one with 100 pound sandbag. It was only an AMRAP of 5 sandbag over the shoulders and 20 unweighted step-ups.

I knew going into it the step-ups were going to slow me down. That’s a visual thing. While I can become somewhat faster at them and have already improved I know I will always be limited by having to “feel” whether I have solid footing on the box. It’s one of those things I have finally learned to accept that it is what it is. I can improve somewhat to overcome my visual impairment but safety will always be priority in my mind.

I decided the sandbag over the shoulders were a simple of move and obviously the warm up few I did felt good to use the 3 fillers in my sandbag to bring it up to about 100 pounds. In the past I had used 75 pounds in my old rep sandbag until it kept leaking and I lost trust in it. I took a few weeks to get used to the Brute force one I have now. Of course any sandbag will feel slightly different so I took some time to adjust. This isn’t a competition. I thought about doing the 75 pounds in this WOD that thought I really should try something I haven’t done yet.

I recorded a round near the end and they were still looking good. Maybe I need to think about using the heavier sandbag in more WODS now.