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Deadlifts Felt Great, WOD Felt Like Death

Last night I slept pretty well. Maybe not quite enough, but I felt good this morning. It took a little while to wake up, but I did get to enjoy my coffee while doing so. I did the usual while drinking my coffee and browsed some news.

Once the mail got here, I brought that in and got changed to head out into the garage to attack my deadlifts. I like doing my Wendler lifting four days in a row and having three days of rest and to hit WODs a bit harder. I have no explanation for it, but it’s just been feeling good doing it that way.

I’m on week one of the deadlifts, so it’s sets of five today. The warm-up sets felt pretty good. The blisters on my fingers didn’t interfere with my grip too much. I got those from the longer row the other day. It was one of those nice days to sort of chill and lift while the sun was partially out and coming in the large windows. These days always feel so great to me.

The final set of five plus was at a pretty heavy two hundred and seventy-five pounds. I did reset my grip before each rep today, but that really turns them into a true deadlift, not a typical Crossfit bouncing rep. Of course, I didn’t drop the bar. I do miss dropping it, but I get more work out of lowering it in a controlled fashion. I did my five reps pretty easily but stopped there as it was pinching my blisters pretty good. They’re drying up, but it would not do me any favors to rip them open or off.

It was a great session today. Great for my body and even more importantly, it was a good one to settle the mind.

After finishing up my deadlifts, I did the fun part of breaking the bar down and putting everything away. I recovered just a few minutes while I looked at today’s WOLD.

Music today was Confessor

Today’s WOD was the one I saw earlier in the week that looked like a fun one. I thought that it was tomorrow, but I thought wrong. I chose to do the barbell version.

Twenty-five hang power cleans and then thirty-five front squats was the WOD. Three rounds of that with a rest between the rounds, That seems simple enough, right? It was simple as in easy to track, but it was really tough for me. I thought it would have gone a lot more easily.

The thing that slowed me down with the hang cleans is that I didn’t want to just “bounce” the bar off my quads. I wanted to set up each rep. It’s too easy to allow myself to take the shitty but faster way through these. I’ve had enough bad habits start by doing things like this.

The workout was a lot harder than I thought it’d be. That’s for sure. I was glad I decided to only use seventy-five pounds, since I haven’t done a ton of barbell WODs recently. It is one that’s going on the favorites list to redo. In some strange way, I think the ninety-five pounds would have been easier to cycle. It’s easier for me to get good squats with a bit more weight. The same with hang cleans.

Music for the WOD was Candlemass