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Deadlifts Felt Pretty Good After Being Under The Weather

Over the weekend, and even to a point yesterday, I was feeling under the weather. I think it was just a cold. Just a low fever and slightly sore, but nothing major. Who knows? The weekend before that, we were with the kids, and parents around here generally don’t give a shit sending their sick kids to school and stuff. Maybe it was that? It might have been that old man at the steak place who felt the need to blow his nose as he was walking past our table just after our salads were delivered. It would have taken thirty seconds tops for him to get outside, or at least away from those of us who were trying to enjoy our meal. Inconsiderate ass. I knew it would pass, so I waited to do my lifts.

Last night I slept pretty well, so I wanted to get my deadlifts in this morning after I drank my coffee. I’m doing my lifts out of order this week. I figured if I felt off, the deadlifts would make more sense if I felt off and failed. With those, it just doesn’t come off the floor. Squats could get ugly.

I knew it would be a decent day when I got started. I was still feeling off in the head and a bit weak, but the lifts felt pretty easy, all things considered. I took my time, working my way up through the weights. The working sets felt great. I stopped at just three out of the three required for my AMRAP set. I was supposed to do three plus at two hundred and seventy pounds. Those reps felt pretty easy, but I would rather not push it too much this week.

I was pleased with it for today. Hell, I was just happy to be using some weight. I did WODs while sick, but either body-weight ones or very light ones. I was still fighting a slightly stuffy head, which made me feel a little unbalanced.

Shortly after getting finished with my deadlifts, I wanted to get a WOD in. It was programmed for later this week that I was just essentially rowing two different intervals. That was right up my alley for what I wanted to do today. I wanted a more extended workout, so this fit perfectly. I did feel like I pushed it some with the rows. With getting over being sick, of course I didn’t go at a hundred percent, but I did get my heart rate up. A pleasant surprise to me was that my breath felt fine through the entire workout. Just sitting on the rower, it didn’t really matter if I felt off in my head. I mean, it’s a few inches off the floor. Street Parking wanted, I think, four different scores, but as typical, I didn’t bother with tracking these overly complicated scores.

It felt great to move some weight again. It was also refreshing to move with a little more intention than I have in the past few days. With how I don’t take rest days, I’ve really learned to play it by feel, and that’s what I’ve done the past few days.

Music for today was Cathedral