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A Massive Improvement On A Repeat WOD Today

There was a hint dropped about next week’s vault WOD that it was a repeat one from last year so I looked through the old WODs.

I came across one that even if it’s not the right one I wanted to do it again as a retest. Hell I didn’t care if I could even log it, it was just one that I though would be a good one with which I could measure my any improvements I’ve made. it didn’t really involve any movements that were limited much by my visual impairment.

It was a simple one of 30 rounds of 1 lungester and 3 burpees. Don’t let that fool you though. This is one of those deceiving WODs that gets real pretty quickly. I kept a better pace early on today and quickly got my heart rate up very high but kept it in check enough that I was able to beat my past time by a good three or four minutes. This WOD is particularly special to me since for so many years I struggled with lunges period and here I am doing them with 40 pound dumbbells under fatigue.