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I Felt Worse During Today's WOD Than I Have In A Long Time

Today’s WOD was one of them that on paper looked like It would be challenging but doable. 50 barbell man makers, which consist of a deadlift, bent over row and cluster complex and then some running. I was tired all day but my choices of days to do this WOD look like it would either be today or Thursday due to rain in the weather forecast.

Warming up with the bar I thought today’s might be one of those that I could RX+ So I threw on tens in addition to the 25 pound plates so I could readily and quickly pull off some weight if I need to. I definitely would suggest loading the bar in a manner that it’s easy to pull weight off in a WOD if you think you may have your doubts of getting through a WOD. The warm up reps certainly felt good enough I though I would get through the WOD with that weight. I knew my time was going to be slow regardless of the weight I chose given the complex had an odd to me mixture of movements that I couldn’t cycle fast. From the very beginning I felt discombobulated with the movement but fought through it.

Fight it was too, Within the first 5 reps I burped up stomach acid into my throat. Typically I only have that every once in a great while when doing an excessive number of burpees. I had that taste in the back of my through the whole WOD and for a while after. My game plan was to knock out five reps a minute to be a minute or two later than their goal time cap. The first 3 or 4 minutes felt good and made me think I could manage to accomplish that goal with a little bit of good luck.

About thirty reps in things were going down hill with quick doubles and triples. My legs were pure fire with lactic acid. Evident ally I didn’t anticipate just how much the squats would burn. Normally with thrusters their RX weight for thrusters is 75 to 95 pounds and I go with that but I’ve been trying to break free of my comfort zone. I feel like I’ve been too complicit with not pushing hard enough with the WODS. It was the smart thing to do when we first began Street Parking since I hadn’t been doing much in the working out department but that was nine months ago. I’ve been consistent since then.

Those last 20 reps though, my legs have never argued and fought with me over moving like to that extreme that I can remember. In hindsight I guess I neglected to take into consider the simple but important fact that the bent rows would keep the hamstrings loaded and that my heart rate would hit the mid 170s within a minute or two then and just stay there. It was starting to hurt to just stand toward the end.

I did get through that part and began the run which was more less run a little bit then stumble and walk a bit. As expected I had to slow down due to other people. When a car starts in a driveway a head of me I always slow down to see what they’re doing since so many people don’t bother to look behind them when backing out. I nearly got hit in the parking lot by one of those idiots at the old gym.

My time was 22 minutes something which was a bit disappointing to me since I had higher hopes but the unanticipated curve balls caught me by surprise. In the end I am happy and it was one of the most personally rewarding workouts I’ve done. It was mentally very tough to keep going but I did. I wanted to quit like I never have in the past but fought that temptation and ended up beating the pain. Keep in mind I don’t mean injury pain. That should never be something you fight through. I truly enjoyed the challenge and I am thinking I need to be that far out of my comfort zone more often than I have been. Doing the WODS here at home I have the freedom to just stop and try again later, lighter, if I truly need to.