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Feeling Off But Squats Got Done

I slept great last night, but I woke up with a stuffy head and still tasting and smelling smoke from last night. Once again, cancer stick smoke was coming in the front door. There were also multiple fire pits going and smoking out the house. It was to the point again that my eyes were burning and my nose and throat stuffy.

When I woke up this morning, I was still having that feeling and tasting the smoke. Not only that, but it is much more humid today. Dust and pollen is in the air from the very dry weather and lack of rainfall. I almost felt a bit dizzy from the stuffiness in my head.

I put off my back squats for a while this morning, hoping that maybe my head will improve some. It did clear a little, but not really enough to make a big difference. As I was waiting it was warming up too, so finally around 10:00 AM or so, I got changed and headed to the garage to get my back squats in. I was thinking that I could at least give them a try. If I felt like I was too off, I’d stop and retry another day.

When I got started, the set with the empty bar felt a little off, but that happens fairly often. It’s just too light for me to get a good feel for the weight. As I added weight, then did feel better and eventually pretty good.

The second to last set felt heavy as hell today, but then again, the two hundred and fifty five pounds is pretty heavy for me. The worst of it is my body decided to let an unexpected fart out during the last rep. It’s hard to stay tight and focused when all you want to do is laugh. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen often with back squats, but I guess it’d be less funny if it did.

The final AMRAP set was at two hundred and eighty-five pounds. The goal was three plus reps and I made three and stopped there. They were a little more of a grind than I would have liked them to be today, but I just felt unbalanced. That led to me being off center on the bar. I guess the brain was over compensating for my feeling unbalanced this morning. Some days, it just feels so impossible to get correctly centered. At lighter weights it’s no big deal, but as the weight increases it can become an issue.

When I looked at the video afterward, the squats looked pretty good. Like I felt, they were slower than I’d have liked, but I did hold my positions well. My back didn’t give at all, and that’s really where my concern is. I was happy with how they looked for being on a day like today when my brain and body are telling me to lie around and do nothing instead.

Later on in the day, I decided to give a heavy single power snatch a try. Being a holiday and all, there really shouldn’t be much traffic on the alley. I haven’t heard anything over at the barrel place since early this morning. The lighter weight’s felt great and went well. I hit an Easy hundred and ten pounds, but while I had it overhead I heard a car coming, so I quickly threw it down in the yard. Three more cars passed before my first attempt at a hundred and twenty-five pounds. I was too distracted after that and only did two snatch high pulls before aborting. I waited a few minutes and got an ugly muscle snatch at the hundred and twenty-five pounds. Unfortunately, I was too distracted and froze when trying to get under it. Oh, well. It was worth a try. I know there’s more in the tank, so I’ll have to give it another go this summer.

We did an old WOD together on the patio. I was well short of the goal but since it was a death by I wanted to work with the fifty pound dumbbells and be uncomfortable weight wise rather than reps and cardio. I’m not fast at dumbbell clean and jerks to begin with.

It was just nice to get a WOD in together again!

Music today was Alice In Chains.