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Did The WOD But Didn't Get A Score

Today I did a simple but fun little WOD from Street parking. Twelve rounds, one every two minutes you were to row 250 meters. It went pretty well for me.

The 250 meters really wasn’t enough to get my heart rate up that much but I count that is a pretty good win. If short little intervals like that don’t really cause my heart rate to spike as much it used to it’s a sign of a stronger heart. The last round or two it peaked around 140.

The score was supposed to be fastest and slowest round times. I can’t really see the timer to get the score so I intended to use my watch to click off the laps. I forgot to start my watch until halfway through the first round. There was a time when that would have frustrated me enough to walk away from the WOD. Today I just figured I’m still getting a workout in and went from there not caring about times.

I did the math wrong and got up off the rower after the tenth round and it never clicked that I had two more rounds to go until the time counted down 3-2-1 go. I quickly jumped back on the rower and did the last two rounds. Street parking allowed me to record it without a score which was nice. I was able to leave a note saying that I did it with an estimate of the times but not have to worry about inaccuracies. In the old Crossfit gym I’d have “work” on the white board every once in a while when I lost count or in some other way fucked up the WOD.