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Did My 20 Rep Squats and two WODS today

I was feeling pretty good today so I decided to get this week’s 20 rep back squats out of the way a day early. I was to do 195 pounds for twenty reps today which is getting up there for me or at least mentally it’s getting up there in weight. I actually felt great with it today and got through them fairly easily. Last time around at this weight it was getting tough last spring but that’s not the case right now. The hardest part is cardio and focusing on getting set for each rep.

A few hours after the squats I did the thanksgiving day WOD which I didn’t do on that day because of our little leak issue. That ruined the mood for me plus I didn’t want to get too sweaty being the water was turned off. This WOD included a total of 135 calories of rowing and 135 thrusters. I did the dumbbell version so I could get some more practice with doing thrusters with them. I am just not super comfortable with using them for fast stuff yet. It’s more about not being confident in proper positioning.

The first three rounds had 21 of each with a rest after that before the next section. In hindsight I took this part too slow and didn’t need to break up the thrusters into sevens when I did them and went unbroken with the 30 pound dumbbells the last set of 21. I was moving well with them today with good confidence in the position of the dumbbells in relation to me so I could cycle them pretty quickly. Not as fast as I could with the barbell or sandbag but I have much more practice with using those tools. The second part had sets of 15. I went unbroken on these using the 30 pound dumbbells. In hind sight I should have done the RX+ option and upped the weight on them. Finally the last part had sets of 9 and I sprinted through those with the 30 pound dumbbells. Again I should have increased the weight. All in all the WOD was no where near as mental or tough as I thought it would be. I hardly even got breathing heavy. I should have done the whole thing with more intensity but I got done ten minutes faster than I guessed I would. Sometime pacing is just so hard to gauge.

The second WOD was tomorrow’s with a bunch of sandbag back squats, step ups and supine to touches to the sandbag. Well they actually called for 24 inch box jumps but I did 20 inch step ups due to not really having space to safely fail. When I fail box jumps I tend to either over jump and have my feet catch the back edge and go into a roll or be not aligned quire right and miss with one foot to the side and kinda roll to the side. This one I used the 75 pound sandbag and shaved a few seconds off from the last time. I thought the toe touches would be tougher with the heavier sandbag than I am used to but they weren’t that bad. I did all three sets (30,20,10) unbroken so I was really pleasantly surprised. The set ups I surprisingly had a good rhythm. I tend to get a little slow at these because of having one good eye and poor depth perception.

The three sets of back squats with the 30 pound sandbag were a non issue. I started out slower than I needed to not knowing how my legs would hold up after the WOD and lifting I did earlier today with a shit load of squats. I didn’t want to hit muscle failure. I got through them with only a little bit of shakiness and good burn in my quads so that was a good sign that the WOD was successful.