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Challenging WOD For Me Today Then I Tested Weighted Pull Ups

The first order of business this morning was for me to go ahead and do tomorrow’s WOD. I knew the entirety of it would be one big cluster for me with all the goblet step ups.

The steps ups you were to hold one dumbbell at your chest and I knew that was going to be challenging to me. It puts it right in the space where I can glance down and see that my foot is solidly on the box. I always have miss stepping at least in the back of my mind with any sort of stepping up type of movement.

The other two movements were dumbbell bear complexes which I’ve at least thus far only done one other time. They’re not difficult but I have to be careful to not smash my toes too many times with them. It’s just one of those things that’s going to take practice with to become comfortable with them.

The same goes for the devil presses that were also part of the WOD. It’s maybe the third time I’ve done these now so while I can do them it requires a good bit of concentration still.

I used a conservative 25 pounds for the WOD as I knew it was going to be long. My time was way over the time goal but I’m fine with that with them being all movements I can’t just do on autopilot.

Later on I remembered doing the easy weighted pull up with the 53 pound sandbag between my feet yesterday which was above my max from like two years ago. I thought I’d go for a heavy one of this movement today. Not an all out max but a heavy one as it’s not something I’ve even been working on. I’ve only done them a handful of times in the past two years actually.

I warmed up with easy chest to bar with 15 pounds. Next up I did easy chest to bar with 25 pounds. Did an easy single chest to bar with 40. Next up was a single chest to bar with 50 pounds. Even the 65 pound one didn’t feel heavy. That may or may not have been a chest to bar. Finally I ended up with a slightly challenging but not difficult 75 pound weighted pull up. It’s things like these that keep me going when I don’t feel like it though. Back when we started Crossfit I was unable to do one legit strict pull up. It didn’t take me too long to start getting them and have been doing almost all strict chest to bare lately when I do them.

I listened to Candlemass today. I knew that would sound good yet not be too distracting.