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Did Monday's Vault WOD Last Night

Last night we had Pizza for supper. You have got to live once in a while! Pepperoni pizza from Two cousins, and this time it was nearly perfect. Their pizza is almost always good, but not always great. We also enjoyed a glass of wine with it while watching the vault announcement.

The WOD itself looked like a lot of fun. Basically, it was Kalsu but with deadlifts instead of burpees. I went with the dumbbell version today, but I am hoping to perform all three. I’m continuing with pushing out of my comfort zone with the dumbbells. I’ve been mostly sticking with the 25 pound pair, as I’m not comfortable with many of the movements yet. I mean, I can do them just fine.

This WOD proved to me that perhaps I should be considering using the heavier dumbbells more often. I was 5 pounds short of the RX weight for it and that was only because I was honestly just too lazy to take out the 40s. The 35s were just more convenient to grab. I completed the WOD in the lower end of the goal time with this weight and I really wasn’t pushing myself as much as I could have.

I felt it would be better not to overdo it too early in the WOD and come out too hot only to just burn out a few minutes in. Early on in my Crossfit days, I couldn’t stop myself from dong that, but I’ve gotten a much, much better handle on pacing myself these days. This WOD was one of those that are difficult to have an idea of just how to pace it, though. I knew it’d be one that would blow up immediately.

It will probably be the last time I will wear it until it cools off, but I wore my sea creature costume to fuck with Molly. It is surprisingly comfortable for working out, being long sleeve an all. I like to wear it occasionally when we’re working out together to make her laugh during the WOD and hopefully lose count or something, then I can remind her that she picked it. I had given her the choice between scales or fur when I ordered it. The fur one was some animal, and the scales one was the sea creature (because fish have scales.) I made my girlfriend pick one or the other without knowing what either was. This was back when I was getting over COVID-19. I had to do something fun to celebrate it. Life is short, you have to have fun every so often!