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Dirty Work WOD Today Since Its Sunny And Mild

I slept pretty good last night and woke up feeling pretty good. This morning I enjoyed my coffee. It appears that my taste is fully back to normal.

After I got the mail, I got changed and headed out to the garage to get my bench press in for this week. I’ve done my lifts slightly out of order so that Molly could watch my deadlifts since she had off work yesterday. The bench went well. I wound up getting ten reps with more in the tank on my five plus AMRAP set. That set was at one hundred and fifty pounds today. I was pleasantly surprised about how that felt, since bench has been a little tougher the last few times for me.

While I recovered a bit, I didn’t jump right into a WOD like yesterday, I searched out a WOD to do. I wasn’t too keen on doing the one that’s programmed for today. I don’t mind overhead lunges, but have zero interest in holding a single dumbbell by the heads or a plate overhead to do high rep lunges. It’s too easy for it to slip and bounce off my head. I can do it but why take that risk?

While I was searching out a WOD, the clouds broke up into a mostly clear sky with some cumulus clouds. The temperature outside was in the low 50s. That’s when I decided I wanted to do something outside. I’ve got to take advantage of these days in the dead of winter, not that we’ve had much of a winter so far this year apart from the one cold shot.

I started thinking I want to do one of Street parking’s dirty work WODs. I wanted to use my strongman sandbag out on the patio and get some sunshine and fresh air. It was a little breezy, but it wasn’t a cold wind, so it ended up feeling great while I was moving.

The WOD was sandbag over the shoulder and then strict presses. I’d done this one last summer, but that was when my sandbag only had seventy pounds in it. Now it has a hundred and fifteen pounds or so if I remember the weight correctly. I did the sandbag portion of the WOD out on the patio, and came in to do the sets of presses from the rack today because I didn’t feel like taking the bar outside.

The WOD was a tough one, just like I remembered it being. The heavier sandbag this go around took even more of me for the presses and had my heart rate through the roof. I broke up the presses into small sets early on. The sandbag over the shoulders were tough too, but those were slower, so it was just taking them one at a time. Having to turn around and get my hands under the sandbag buys a second or two of rest with these. It’s just a slower process than some other things. Today was the easiest this weight at the sandbag has felt. I have the feeling that I’ll be adding more pea gravel next summer.

Music for today was Orange Goblin