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Challenging But Fun And Rewarding Day In The Garage Today

I won’t deny it in anyway at all. My lifts this morning were all relatively heavy. They all felt soul crushingly heavy, squats at 245, strict presses at 125 and deadlifts at 275. I got through them, they all felt slow and grindy but my video shows they were all pretty fast and good form so I got through them.

I think one of the bigger factors in everything feeling so heavy today was ding a WOD with 200 lunges and 100 push ups in it yesterday. Neither of those movements are very friendly to me. High rep body weight stuff just kills me for some reason. I don’t think I’ll ever be more than okay at that. Moderate weighted movements I can usually cycle like it’s nothing.

Another pretty big disadvantage for me and my strength this morning is it was pretty warm, 70s and rather humid. I always struggle with heat and we have had a cool wet spring so I haven’t even had a chance to get acclimated to it yet. I try to fight through it but I do have to try to keep in mind that heat hinders my performance a decent amount so I can accept that things are harder when it’s hot.

A few hours later we decided to do today’s WOD together. 10, 9, 8 .. 1 sandbag hang power cleans and 10 push jerks with 15 air squats between each set of cleans + jerks. I had originally been thinking to use the 75 pounds in the sandbag to push out of my comfort zone but after my feeling slow with the lifts this morning I opted to stick with the 50 pounds. The fact that we were doing the WOD out front on the sidewalk in the sun was another factor in staying lighter. I was already feeling somewhat dehydrated.

I was happy I stuck with the 50 pounds. I ended up completing the WOD in just under 10 minutes. Naturally I was able to cycle the hang cleans and the jerks very quickly for the most part. The air squats slowed me down quite a bit. I am not sure why but those always feel a bit weird to me and I tend to end up having to stop and reset.

Sure enough after I completed the WOD I was pouring sweat and got to collapse right there on the sidewalk until I realized the hot sun wasn’t helping matters. I am going to try to really push it with the heat here this summer assuming we don’t get an air conditioner for the garage. We’ve discussed that to help deal with the humidity. Time will tell whether we get one or not or just try to tolerate the humidity.