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At Least We Are Not Doing Murph Preparation WODs

This morning, I was thinking after seeing the Vault WOD about how much I haven’t really enjoyed a lot of the recent WODs. I am thankful, though. I am thankful that it’s not been months of WODs that are just preparation for the Murph hero WOD. Not to take anything away from Lieutenant Murphy at all, but it’s just a dumb WOD to program.

Our old Crossfit gym made far too big of a deal out of it. There would be months of Murph preparation WODs. There would be constantly varied variations of Cindy, sometimes multiple times a week programmed. The WOD might have had something like double unders mixed in, or sit-ups. It was a dull time at the gym. I used to find it amusing and annoying how so much time was spent preparing the members for a single WOD. Due to Molly’s working, we couldn’t even make it to the gym if we wanted to on Memorial Day. That was always when Murph was programmed in Crossfit.

I could do without the military worship that’s pushed in Crossfit and so many other places these days. I don’t mean that in a way to take any respect from those who served, but doing a WOD to honor one just seems silly to me.

With Street parking I can hunt down older WODs to do or repeat if I think I’d get more out of it than the current one programmed. That alone makes it worth the price. If I only did what I wanted to do, it would most likely be just squats. The search for a WOD can be tedious at times but so worth it when considering, at the old Crossfit gym my choice was to do the daily WOD. If it’s a lot of pull-ups and my elbow is inflamed, do it anyway, scale it in some way. This time of the year, there would always be far too many pull-ups programmed because they think it’s a good idea to have so many people doing a hundred kipping pull-ups. Even worse were the people who used a weight vest that had no business doing them without it.