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Squats Felt Great Even Though I think I'm Geting Sick

I slept like this last night. I figured I would sleep poorly after drinking some bourbon while watching the Eagles game, but my sleep was much worse than I expected. This morning I woke up feeling pretty shitty with a very stuffy nose. Well, I guess that explains why I couldn’t get warm yesterday. I’d assumed it was the raw and rainy afternoon.

I was just feeling really off in the head. Eventually, I decided that I would give my squats a try. I didn’t feel that bad, and the squats programmed for today weren’t super heavy. What’s the worst that could happen? I walk away for the day.

Even with just the empty bar, it felt a little off, but the squats felt great. My head just felt off, but I was moving well. I knew then that it should be a pretty good day. I was going to and did take the sets a little slower and not overly aggressive. As the weight increased, I gradually felt better. I did notice some soreness in my glutes for the past couple of sets, but I wrote that off as left over from when I popped my hip playing with the kids on Saturday night. One of them pulled my leg out from under me as I had another on my shoulders while standing. I didn’t want to drop her.

The final set was the AMRAP for one-plus reps at two hundred and seventy pounds. This morning I made a fairly easy two reps and stopped there. There is no point in pushing it today. I am just ecstatic that I could easily do a weight while sick that I could only dream about making when we went into the Crossfit gym. They looked and felt great!

I sat around for a little while this morning, debating whether I wanted to do a WOD or not. After some contemplation, I settled on doing a fairly easy SHIFT version of a WOD. I had to hunt for one that, I thought, would be a reasonable one to do while my head is super stuffy. Burpees and the like were out on this day. The other thing I wanted to do was keep the intensity a little lower than normal. I wanted to get the heart pumping without going all out and getting into a coughing fit. I found one that was just six rounds of a minute of movement and then twelve presses. Of course, I went light and took the minute of rowing a little slower. It was a good workout for today. I got the blood pumping pretty well, and I avoided a coughing fit.

Later on in the day as I felt worse I figured out that it wasn’t just my nose being stuffy. I was getting a bit of a cold. I never had a fever or anything but just felt a bit achy and stuff like that. I have felt worse. I just hope I get over it quickly which I think I will. I felt a litle better towards bed time.

Music for the squats was Dream Theater