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Fifty Pound Single Arm Devil Presses

I looked ahead at the WODS for next week and as usual, there were some that I have no intention of doing and some that intrigued me. One that caught my attention was a WOD with single arm devil presses.

If you’re not familiar with devil presses, it’s usually a burpee into a double arm dumbbell snatch. They’re tough but really fun.

The single arm ones are just that. It’s the same thing, but you’re only using one dumbbell to do a single arm snatch. Occasionally, I use the fifty pound weights for those, so I thought why not give it a go? It was only eight at a time and Street SP even said while they don’t normally encourage you to go heavier but since it was single dumbbells, and you know you can make the goal that you can. I knew I wouldn’t make the goal regardless, so I went heavier.

The weight was just flying overhead today. On my right side, which is my dominate side, I had a couple of reps that caught me off guard by getting overhead faster than I expected. Of course with the stupid hop overs I did not make the goal, but I got a great workout in. I also learned that I am capable of heavier devil presses than I thought.

I did record some sets of devil presses, and I was thrilled with how they looked on the video. My form was right on with the snatch portion, and I was actually moving through them faster than I felt I was. The important part for me wasn’t the speed, though, but the fact that they looked great. I’ve said it countless times, but I will repeat it again. For me, it’s always form over speed. Safety is far more important than a rep better of a score or a few seconds shaved off.

Music for the WOD was Slayer!