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Squeezed In My Lifting And We Did A WOD Together

What do you know? I slept okay last night and felt pretty refreshed when I woke up. We had to do some running around today. Had to take the grand daughter shopping for her late birthday gift. I drank my coffee pretty quickly and got right to my strength. My stuff was all light and I knew there’s be as close to a zero chance of failure as I could have so there wouldn’t be any noise to disturb the neighbors. I miss doing my lifts early in the morning like I did when there was no one living next door on the side that I actually give a shit about. Hell I got to my squats about 7:20 am

The squats were nice and light for me at 200 pounds. I easily and quickly got through my sets and they looked great as they should have for such a light weight. I ended up doing two extra sets for five sets of five since it was early and they felt good.

Bench press was up next at only 145 pounds today. They felt good but I didn’t do anything extra today with my shoulder flaring up a bit and the fact that the vault WOD we’re doing later has a good amount of sandbag burpees in it. Oh and I did 100 burpee WOD last night about twelve hours ago which is why my shoulder’s flared up a bit. I didn’t notice it during my benching but I wanted to keep it that way so I was cautious today.

Good mornings were next and last for my lift this morning. These felt really good today. I was back up to my three sets of ten at 120 pounds after I went much lighter last time when I was feeling so run down. They weren’t an issue at all.

We did our running around. We ate lunch at Friendly’s and they sat some of the most annoying people right next to us. I’m talking the type of people that at lead paint chips instead of potato chips as a snack when they were kids. I had a burger. It wasn’t bad but it’s hard to believe how often we’d come here and get them. Burgers are so much better elsewhere. The fries were excellent though!

We got home and she came back to our house with us for a bit. Finally we decided to do the WOD. Lots of sandbag burpees and weighted step ups. The WOD didn’t go well. I couldn’t focus and kept losing count of my reps and stepping off the box wrong. She kept asking questions and doing what ever else she did that just was very distracting when I really needed to focus. After the fact I realized that I was one short on rounds too. Oh well. I got a good workout in and noted my fuckup.

I am glad that we got to do this WOD and a couple of others together this week. I do miss doing that and really enjoy working out against Molly. She does push me with out knowing she’s doing that. It’s just that so many of the WODs have been using equipment in a way that we don’t have enough space lately. Soon we’ll be able to WOD outside more often as daylight hours and weather get to be more cooperative for us to be able to workout on the \patio or in the back yard! We’re both seven for seven on the Street Parking vault WODs now!

Music for today was what ever happened to be playing from my smaller SD card since I’m waiting for a new bigger one to be delivered.