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Did A WOD But Skipped Strength For Today

I am still feeling a little wound up from that thunderstorm the other day and not well rested. That was one hell of a storm. I’ve never seen stuff flying like that. Between that and the tropical humidity from Fred, I am just feeling run down.

Yesterday we cleaned up the patio and backyard and organized all the downed limbs so that they are out of the way and should be quick to chip when the tree guy gets here. He said he’s been slammed with emergency work.

Today I was supposed to fol my strength but decided to pass on it today. While I feel a lot better than I did yesterday, my mind still isn’t quite in the right place for it. I’d rather miss a day now than miss who knows how long due to a sloppy rep because I’m not focus and injure myself.

I did do today’s WOD, though. I did okay at that, but it was simple enough. Just rowing and V ups since I don’t have the floor height to do toes to bar. The first round of rowing my timing was feeling a little off, but after that, I ticked off the 36 calories pretty quickly.