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Pretty Shitty Day In The Garage Today

To start things off, I slept great last night. I felt refreshed when I woke up, but my shoulder was still bugging me from sleeping on it. I had woken up in the middle of the night, and I was on my side and had my arm under me in a bad way. My shoulder was killing me, but once I got off it felt better almost immediately. It’s still the left over nagging soreness for me this morning, but it’s fine. The moral to the story is, don’t be middle-aged. Sleeping wrong makes you sore!

I did wake up pretty early and got to enjoy nice fresh coffee. That’s always a great way to start the day off. I enjoyed it while I browsed the web and got caught up on the news and stuff. It was pleasant to be doing that with the brightness coming in the windows and the blinds are open with the warmer temperatures, plus the sun is rising earlier. The sunshine always puts me in a good mood.

Once the coffee was done, I debated whether I wanted to do my bench press today with my shoulder from last night. After the mailman delivered the mail, I figured I’d give the bench press a shot, so I went and got changed for it. What’s the worst that could happen, right? I might abort and change my plans to go for it tomorrow.

I realized right away while I was warming up with only the empty bar that my shoulder was fine for it. As the sets got heavier, it felt even better. I did work through them pretty quickly too because I was feeling good with it. I made six pretty easy reps and the final three plus AMRAP. That was at one hundred and sixty-five pounds. There was definitely more in the tank, but I wanted to avoid pushing too much today.

I started to give today’s WOD a shot. It was one that I had pretty high hopes with it and threw on my weight vest. I was less than halfway through the first set of pull-ups when I realized that it wasn’t happening today. I was moving fine, but I could tell that my entire body was just lacking the energy to do this WOD.

No big deal, I thought. I went and tried the one from Friday. That was the same deal. I was feeling that lack of energy, and I was only eight burpees into the first set. At that moment, I walked away and figured I’d eat an early lunch and see if that might help me. I didn’t remember if I even ate a banana this morning for breakfast like I normally do.

I vegged out for a while and then come early afternoon I decided I would give one more WOD a try. I did today’s shit, which was ring rows instead of pull-ups and smaller sets of air squats and push-ups. Thankfully, I did get through this one. It was less of a mountain to look at from the beginning, and even though I still had that dead weight feeling in my whole body, I was able to push through it and just keep moving.

This day was the worst I’ve felt trying to do a WOD in a long time. I even had an easier time to get through WODs when I had COVID-19. There will be days like this, and in the end I did something. Yet another advantage of working out at home. The schedule allows me to quit and try again when I feel like it, and I’m not stuck doing the WOD that’s programmed for this particular day.

Music for my strength today was Alice In Chains.