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Feeling Pretty Shaky After That WOD!

Last night, I slept pretty well again. I was on my tablet for a little while before I went to sleep, reading about some CSS stuff, but I was ready to fall asleep earlier than I did. I don’t like to go to sleep before 9:00 a.m. Hell, I wake up early enough as it is! Shortly after nine o’clock, I turned my tablet off and slept shortly after. I didn’t wake up at all last night!

I enjoyed my coffee but was considering doing a WOD earlier this morning. It looks beautiful outside this afternoon, so I want to get some sunshine. I wanted a simple and quick workout with no burpees. For fucks sake, no burpees at all after the past couple of days.

I settled on doing an older one that was just double unders and a descending ladder of push presses. I knew it would be a shorter one and would be a good one to see how my shoulder felt after some higher reps of pressing. For the dumbbells, I went a little heavier than I have been going and used the thirties. The weight wasn’t what I would have liked to use, but I think it was a smart compromise to make for the time.

My shoulder felt great during and after this workout. I did the first set of twenty push presses unbroken. For the sets of eighteen down to twelve, I broke them each into two sets. Once I got down to ten, I went back to unbroken sets. It felt good to push a little more weight than I have been using recently, and even better that it didn’t bug my shoulder. Hopefully, in the near future, I will be back to using the forties and fifties for WODs like this one.

The option of having so many weights of dumbbells is a huge advantage. If you’re considering getting some and have the space, I would suggest getting a set or at least many weights. If they’re not adjustable, that is. We have regular ones, but they will last us as long as we live. When we’re dead, they will be someone else’s problem. It really is useful, though, to have options. With my shoulder, I’d been going lighter, but in the past, I’d go to the RX+ or even heavier weights than that, depending on how I felt and the movements involved.

This workout, even thought it wasn’t that bad, left me feeling pretty shaky afterward. I think the biggest reason is that we only ate a frozen pizza for supper last night. I ate too much junk food earlier in the day and just wasn’t that hungry come supper time.

Today’s music was Alice In Chains for the WOD.

All is quiet at the business out back now, so I am thinking that I may take the sled out this afternoon. I will have to wait to see how muddy the backyard is where I park it first. I ate a banana and drank plenty of water, so the shakiness is fading now, but we’ll see how I feel later today. Lately, I have been pushing it pretty hard with WODs and really pushing the weights in my strength sessions. Since I don’t take rest days, maybe I should just make the rest of today a recovery day. Playing it by feel on days like today is how I get away with no rest days. There will be a whole summer to play with the sled and the strongman sandbags!

It warmed up nicely outside now, so I went outside to get some sun and vitamin D. This afternoon it got into the middle 60s! That meant open the bathroom window and let some fresh air in and some of the stale winter air out.

I was feeling pretty good after being out in the sun quite a bit today. Maybe I was a little tired, but I still felt up to giving my squats a try since Molly was home by that time.

For these squats, I didn’t have much hope of making the three. Three hundred pounds, which is the weight programmed for this week, is singles territory for me. I had a plan, though. I was going to be happy if I made one. If I had made two, it would have made me thrilled. For three or more, if I had made it that way, that would have been a holy shit win!

I really was leaning toward having the lowest of hopes when I was warming up. My knee felt off with the weight of a hundred and thirty-five pounds. I thought I would try the next weight up and see if it felt worse or better, and then decide whether to go forward from there. That set felt fine on my knee. As the weight increased, they felt super heavy but great for the movement. The set of two hundred and seventy pounds was tough but very clean for that weight.

Finally, I was on to the main show. The set of AMRAP of three plus reps at three hundred pounds was the final working set. Even before I got under the bar, I knew it was going to be a fail. I knew that when I decided to move up in weight after my last cycle, but I wanted to play with failure and uncomfortable weights. When I got under that bar today, I thought that there was no way in Hell I’d make it. I did the first rep successfully, and it was a great-looking squat. Didn’t feel it, but it looked easy. The second one was a bit of a grind through the sticking point, but my form never broke at all. That was where I sopped today, and I was happy with it.

I don’t often see stars while squatting, but I did for this set! It felt crushingly heavy, too. The above only made it more rewarding.

Music for my squats was Confessor.