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Deadlifts This Morning Then A Heavy Front Squat This Evening

I slept great last night and long. I woke up at 3:00 AM or so and took my thyroid pill. Even though I was wide awake, I managed to fall back to sleep while lying in bed on my tablet to wait for coffee. I don’t know how, but when I woke up at 5:30 or so from falling back asleep, I just felt more tired. I’ve been feeling that way all day.

I played Xbox for a while this morning while I was drinking my coffee. I forgot how much I missed playing video games. Not that I did so before, but I won’t let it get to be something I do too much, especially instead of working out, though.

It was about 9:00 AM, or so, when I got the idea to get changed and get my deadlifts in. I’m saving my squats for Friday or Saturday again when Molly’s home.

I was still feeling exhausted and like I had no energy, so I took my time working up the weights. The lifts all felt doable and pretty good. I felt like I was moving well enough. As the weights got heavier, they felt a little better. The light weight allows me to let too much sloppiness into the lift. I just don’t keep enough focus.

The final set for today was the AMRAP where I needed more than one rep at a heavy weight of two hundred and ninety pounds. I stopped at one rep but felt like I had more in me. It was more that I didn’t want to push it today because I felt so tired. I just wasn’t feeling super focused. The weight itself actually felt fairly light off the floor.

I ate today throughout the day. I ate like a pig, actually hoping that would help me have more energy. As much as I really wanted to get a WOD in today, I didn’t think it was going to happen. I’d been planning on getting a longer one in, but I just didn’t have the energy. I played Xbox and surfed the web the rest of the day. It was a rarity for me, I even considered taking a nap. I’ve never been one for napping, and most of the time, when I do try, it is nothing more than a waste of my time. I just lay there awake.

Early this evening, I started to think about a WOD, but I just didn’t really feel that I had the energy to do one. None of the simpler ones, of which I have added to my favorites, really piqued my interest at all. I’d already done the vault WOD. Nothing looked interesting from later this week either. I just got tired of hunting for one. Still, I wanted to do something else.

I remembered that I have been wanting to get a heavy single in for front squats for months now and thought that today would be a good day for that. I didn’t want to go to failure. Given the fact that I haven’t front squatted anything more than the sandbag during a WOD in, I don’t know how long now. I thought it would be self-limiting due to being rusty.

As soon as I loaded some weight on the bar and did some warming up, I was really shocked at how good the squats felt. As the weights went up, they only felt better. I smashed through my old Crossfit Trinium Max with an explosive triple. Next up, two hundred and forty-five pounds was super explosive. I’d been planning on smaller jumps, but when I saw how easy that looked and how good it looked, I knew I wanted to go all in. I loaded the bar with two hundred and sixty-six pounds and decided to go for a lifetime personal record. While I came forward a bit on that rep, it still looked pretty good. It felt a little tough on my core, but the squat itself felt pretty easy. Sure, it was heavy, but there was never a doubt that I was going to make it. I think I was off center on the bar a little. Not only that, but I think I overcompensated for pushing the bar into my throat too hard the last rep.

There was certainly more in the tank. My lower back didn’t give at all. Only my upper back a bit as the bar drifted a little forward. I ended it there on a good note, though. I got a lifetime PR. Only by a pound, but still, it is a new personal best. Maybe that will get me through that mental block.

Music for today was Candlemass