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I Did This Week's Sandbag WOD Today And It Was An Exercise In Murphy's Law

This day was one of those days. I decided to get off my lazy ass and do a WOD. Enough of the excuses of being tired or hot or what ever else I could come up with. I’ve been wanting to do this week’s sandbag WOD but didn’t get around to it do to being so run down the past few days.

The WOD consisted of 21 lungesters and then 21 sandbag power clean and toss over the box, rest a minute than 2 rounds of 15 of each. Then after that it was rest 2 minutes and then 3 rounds of 9 of each movement. On paper it didn’t seem too bad. The lungesters are do a lunge each side with the sandbag in the front rack then do a thruster with it. I like them a lot as an exercise. I thought I’d be close to their time goal if not within it.

I was wrong.

First things first was the air conditioner just wasn’t long enough to take away the humidity from the garage. It didn’t feel bad at all until I started moving and pouring sweat.

Fairly early one I slipped on my sweat on the floor and sort of rolled my ankle doing the lunges. I basically sat there for who knows how long with my twisted foot under neath the sandbag debating whether I want to see if I am okay. It was such a stupid thing and unexpected for my foot to just slide right out from under me as I was stepping. Definitely one of those times I was glad to work out at home where no one else saw me. Realizing how much I was sweating and making the floor slippery I decided to slow the WOD way down.

The power cleans and toss over the box were just that. Power clean the sandbag then throw it over the box. `Seems simple enough right? The only problem for me is the fact that I think the sandbag landed differently every single rep. It’s hard enough to find the handles with visual impairment as it is but having super sweaty eyes just really exasperated that difficulty. At least when I do these outside the sun creates shadows but in the garage here there were multiple light sources, the lights and the windows so there really weren’t any distinct shadows. Every single rep basically involved feeling around to see how the bag was oriented and then find the handles.

Although this workout had it’s share of frustrations and disappointment in the time in the end I got through it and got a really good workout in and that’s the whole point of doing this shit anyways. Some days will go like this.

My music choice for this WOD was Obscura’s Akróasis which I finally picked up. It’s pretty good.