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Heavy Deadlifts Felt Decent Today

I slept decently last night. Not quite as well as yesterday, but I still had a good night’s sleep. I enjoyed my coffee and then hopped in the shower early this morning. For a little while after, I spent sometime browsing the web and that sort of thing.

I grabbed the mail and then debated whether I wanted to give my deadlifts a go today or not. My hands were still feeling a little raw from those hundred kettlebell snatches yesterday, but I didn’t tear any callus or skin. I figured I would give my deadlifts a try and if it became a problem, I’d stop, but if I got through them, I have that extra day to recover before doing the next vault WOD.

I got changed and headed out into the large gym to warm up and get started with the lifts. While doing the earlier sets and warming up, my hand felt okay. Still a little raw, but it didn’t seem to drastically hinder my grip, so I worked my way up through the programmed weights. The final AMRAP set two hundred and seventy pounds. I settled for a double at that weight, as I was feeling it pulling at my hands. On a different day, I think I was good for three to five, but today wasn’t that kind of day. I took it as a win for the conditions, and I was happy with how they felt otherwise.

When I was done with my deadlifts, I put all the weights away then drank some protein. A great advantage of working out here at our house is the fact that I don’t have to put my crap away right when I’m done. I usually do, but occasionally, it’s nice to let it go for a while. It’s particularly convenient in the hot summer weather. I also ate an early lunch, which was just two hard-boiled eggs today. There was also a bag of goldfish, devoured. It was nice and relaxing today with the sun coming in the window.

Eventually, I got the energy to get a WOD in. I went with the program, A version of the one I tried the other day with the sandbag and didn’t feel right. It was an EMOM of deadlifts, push-ups and air squats. I debated on whether I should use the forty pound dumbbells or the heavier ones. After thinking about the heavy deadlifts I did earlier and my hands from yesterday, I stuck with the RX forty pounds.

The WOD went pretty well, I’d go so far as to say better than I expected. I’m not a big fan of These EMOMS where you do multiple entirely different things each minute. Visually, I usually get slowed down a bit too much, but this one I only needed to see to do the deadlifts. The push-ups were my limiting factor today. I tend to eventually hit failure with them, and that’s exactly what happened during the fifteenth minute.

It turned out to be a pretty good WOD for me, with my heart rate slowly climbing as the rounds piled up. I still want to do the dirty work version with the strongman sandbag some day and will when the weather is more cooperative to do that. The way this winter has gone so far, it’ll probably be decent enough weather outside to do it next week after this quick cold shot passes.

Music for today was Candmass