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I Went A Little Heavier Than I Normally Would With Dumbbell Snatches Today

Today I decided to do last Saturday’s WOD but with the RX 40 pound dumbbell for the snatches. I knew I could use that weight for them and have in the past but just have been slacking a bit with pushing myself in that way. Recently I’ve been trying to push the intensity with speed more so than by using more challenging weights.

I’d fallen into the trap of sticking with “comfortable” weights last fall and am deciding now that at least where possible and if I am feeling it to maybe push the weight a bit more even if my speed drops a bit. The WOD which I performed was a great one to do just that since the hop overs were going to slow me down no matter what. There’s nothing I can really do to improve them because my low vision just is what it’s going to be.

The snatches felt great though at the 40 pounds. Even the set of twenty alternating ones went unbroken and I never once had to break up the sets at all. This made me realize that I haven’t been pushing myself hard enough. It’s not like it’s a safety reason that I’ve been going lighter. it’s been nothing more that being too complicit with where I am.