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Retried The WOD From The Other Day

Last night I did sleep really well. Unfortunately, I woke up and was just awake at 4:00 AM or so. I really had to piss, then my girlfriend was in the shower, so I had to wait. In that time of waiting, I just woke up. So even though I slept great when I did, I feel that it wasn’t quite long enough.

I smelled the coffee too and was thinking about that. I went downstairs and got a cup and did my normal web browsing. Today was a slower day drinking it than usual. I don’t understand why, but I was just taking longer. It was good and that’s all that matters.

After grabbing the mail, I was hearing trucks backing up outside, so I looked. Usually when I hear that it’s entertaining because it’s two tractor trailer trying to turn opposite directs on the next street but only one fits. Today it was those guys working on the fiber again. They went the opposite direction from our house. Hopefully, they get their asses down our direction next.

I got changed and went out into the garage to get my presses done from the Wendler program. Being week two, and I had to do sets of three. They actually felt good while warming up and as they got heavier, they felt great. The last set I got four reps at a pretty heavy one hundred and thirty-five pounds. Allow me to point out again that that weight was my max in at Crossfit until the last year! They felt forceful today until the last attempted rep. Presses go like that, though. They’re fine until they’re not. There’s no in between.

I ate an egg sandwich after that and relaxed for a little while. I hunted through the WODs for one that looked interesting. Finally, I remembered that one from the other day, where I quite very early into the pull-ups. I wasn’t feeling it at all that day, so aborting was the right thing to do.

After the way it went earlier this week, I wanted to get it done and on a reasonably good note. I figured it would be best to skip using the weight vest for it today. Yes, I know I could have done it, but I just wanted to get it done. It was a surprisingly long WOD. But then I realized it had a total of 240 air squats. Pull-ups were the slowest part for me, as usual. I can’t kip and even if I could the bar is too low here at home. I plugged my way through them and did the same with the pair of squats. Given the fact that I knew there would be a tone of them to do, so I purposely tried to pace them out. The push-ups actually weren’t too bad.

I’m not sure what my time was because I screwed up setting the clock and my watch, but my best guess is twenty-two minutes. I don’t care too much about the score. What maters is that I got a good workout in, and I avenged that shitty day I had the other day.

It felt pretty good to do a just body weight WOD. I’ve been really pushing the weight a lot lately, so this was more of a back to the basics type of workout. Those are good to have sometimes too. I can’t say I enjoyed it, but that’s even more of a reason to just do it. I’m glad it’s done now, though.

Music for my strength today was Alice In Chains.