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Fairly Light Squats Felt Great This Morning

Last night, I slept great. I got to bed a little earlier and slept through the night. The windows were open for at least part of the night. At some point, rain woke me up, though, so I had to close the window. I guess now that the gutter is repaired, it doesn’t need to be closed, but old habits are difficult to break. That gave me a chance to take my thyroid pill, though. Luckily, I was able to go right back to sleep. I slept a bit late this morning to wake up just as my girlfriend was leaving for work, so I missed her.

When I got up, I went and got some coffee. The coffee was good as always. While drinking it, I browsed hacker news and some other news stuff, but I was already thinking about getting into the garage to do my squats. The breeze coming through the open windows had me in a great mood.

At about a quarter of eight, I decided to get changed and get my back squats in. It wasn’t hot yet. I noticed a slight twinging in my calf, but nothing to stop me from pushing the reps with the squats. As a matter of fact, I only felt it during the first warm-up set with the empty barbell. From then on, I did not even notice it. Maybe I was just out of position with the lightest weight.

The back squats felt great after that first set. I tried to take my time while working up through the weights but I found I was moving quickly. The working sets felt excellent. The final set called for a fairly light three-plus reps. Today’s weight was two hundred and sixty pounds. I stopped at four reps for today due to my calf earlier this morning. It’s fine, but I would rather not overdo things or compensate if it was weak. There will be other days when I will push it. I mean, it’s not like I’m young or anything.

I got a SHIFT WOD this morning too. I went with that version for the ease of it on my shoulders and went light with the push presses. My shoulders are feeling pretty beat up from those heavy push presses yesterday. The burpees were a little slower for me today. I think the fucking cyst on the side of my wrist is coming back again. Oh, well. I met the goal and got a pretty good workout in for it being so light. The ten sets of dumbbell power cleans and burpees would have been a little obsessive for me today.

I think I will do the sandbag version of the workout someday soon. I think that would be a great workout for me. The sandbag can be just thrown down between sets. The dumbbells are not so much. Sure, I can drop them, and it likely wouldn’t hurt them, but being hexagons, I think there’s too much potential for a weird bounce. The barbell version would be great to do outside this summer!

Music for the squats was Alice In Chains