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Mentally Challenging WODS Today

I originally had planned on skipping today’s WOD but ended up deciding on doing it. The WOD was 3 rounds of row 500 meters, 20 back squats and 15 power cleans then row 500 more meters. I chose to do the RX+ weight since I knew I could handle it and have for a long time been feeling the need to get out of my comfort zone. The Street Parking WODS tend to be lighter weight wise than the WODS we did at our old gym.

Things went to shit during the very first row of the WOD. There’s a large double window right beside the rower which 95 percent of the time is so nice to have. The window faces the east so in the morning the sun tends to shine in it. For my row this morning the sun was right at the point where it was shining directly into my eyes but not only that, it was also right at the divider between the two windows. Every stroke on the rower had the strobe like effect on my eye so it really didn’t take all that long for the headache to begin. The headache I get from this sort of thing aren’t bad but they are annoying as hell.

Given that I don’t want to be in the habit of dropping heavy weights on are garage floor I chose to do the squats from the rack. It’s great having two bars! I certainly would have been able to do the back squats from the floor but I like saving my drops for if/when I have to. I don’t know what the concrete is like in our garage floor and don’t really want to destroy it. Because of the tight space we have in our garage I had to move the rower a couple feet back to prevent the plates from hitting the front part of it. The squats themselves felt great other than a sloppy rep in each set, maybe one sloppy rep each set. Had to break up the second round when the bar bumped the rings behind me and knocked them down from their normal hanging on a pin when we’re not using them. I knew what happened but I still found it really distracting and caused me to have to completely reset to get my focus back. Safety is always first with me.

The power cleans felt good. Not as good or as fast as I would have liked but my hands are feeling a bit raw from the longer row for the endurance WOD yesterday. Keep in mind I had intended on not doing today’s WOD else I would have prioritized my hands for this WOD. It was basically wake up this morning and decide I want to do the WOD. To do the power cleans I had to move the rower back to it’s original spot to give me enough space for them. Still I would prefer more failing room for those but I work with what we have and and extremely thankful we can have a home gym.

With All that went wrong with this WOD I was thrilled to actually finish it. I wanted to walk away the first round. I ended up with 32ish minutes. Well over their goal time and my own goal time but I got through the mental blocks and that’s what this particular WOD became about.

Later in the day Molly wanted to do with with the sandbag. Hang to overheads (essentially a hang power snatch with the sandbag) and box jumps were programmed. I did step ups on a slightly lower box since it was storming outside and our ceiling is too low to jump on the 24 inch box. I got a good workout in and that’s what matters to me.

Now we get to have those shrimp for supper that we bought at the store!