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Heavy Deadlifts Felt Great This Morning!

Last night I slept but I didn’t sleep all that well. I have no idea why but I woke up around one o’ clock and my brain said it was morning. As soon as I looked at the time I rolled over to try to go back to sleep. Eventually I did fall asleep but it did take a little while.

I woke up this morning in a bit of a funk. For some reason My cousin Sharon was in my dream. She was still the kid with a big heart that I remember. The funk comes from the fact that she overdosed a few years back during that period when I had several relatives overdose within a week.

The morning was a nice cool crisp morning and that helped improve my mood. I drank my coffee while looking at the news. I was feeling pretty eager to get out into the home gym to get my deadlifts in the books. I was feeling pretty good about them. I took the hibiscus back outside and grabbed the mail then got changed to get out there and do my deadlifts.

I knew it was going to be a longer morning when I realized I forget to bring my water out before even taking the bar out. I went back into the kitchen and grabbed my water then got everything moved around to get started on my deadlifts. The first set felt pretty good. The deadlifts felt better as the weight increased.

To continue with the thing going wrong I tripped over a change plate after the second set. Between the bright sun blinding me and the dark shadows in the garage I stumbled on it. As usual I didn’t fall but I still distracted me. The set went well after that.

My next mistake was the bar feeling off for the set of five at two hundred and forty pounds. I finished off the set then I noticed that the issue was that the plates on the one side had moved pretty far out. By pretty far I mean a couple of inches but that was enough to shift the balance of the weight. That can happen when you don’t use clips and it’s why I always use them on the heaviest sets or of course high reps in a WOD.

Finally I moved on to the final heavy AMRAP set. Today’s program called for three hundred and ten pounds. I got one rep at that weight. It felt a little bit jerky but it also felt fairly easy. The bar moved up fairly quickly too! I think the slight jerkiness was more a product of the barbell slipping a bit in my had. I don’t know why but I just more less lost the ability to used mixed grip. Almost every time I attempt to use it my setup just feels off balance.

I allowed myself a little while to relax a bit and recover after I drank my protein. I looked for a simple WOD to do that would get my heart rate up some, and I then I did it. It was just burpees and air squats. It served that purpose for me.

Music for today was Temple Of The Dog