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Happy With How I Did On A Repeat WOD!

I slept great last night but woke up a little too early. I woke up a bit before 5:00 AM and was just awake. When I did wake up, I was annoyed that we didn’t have the windows open to hear the outside sounds. Smoke from a fire pit poured into our house for hours last night until we went to bed and shut the windows.

I felt pretty good though and really enjoyed my coffee. It was nice to be able to pen the windows and hear the birds singing and stuff. The temperature being in the near 60℉ certainly makes it pleasant to have the fresh air coming in too. It didn’t take long for the temperature to start rising once the sun came up. It was close to 70℉ if not above that by about 9:00 AM when I headed out into the garage to do a WOD. I realized quickly that I needed to open the sliding glass door to let some airflow in.

The WOD I chose to do was the one programmed for tomorrow. It’s a repeat one from last year, so I’ve been wanting to use it as a test. The WOD consisted of a descending ladder of twenty, eighteen… down to two alternating single dumbbell clusters. When I did it last year, I only used the twenty-five pound dumbbell. My stomach was feeling off a year ago and when I had tried with the RX forty pound weight I realized it wasn’t happening.

The unilateral stuff had always given me some problems, so that wasn’t a big deal. I’ve improved with it a lot since then, so today I went straight to the forty pound dumbbells for the WOD. I can still be a bit slow with the single sided stuff at times, but I am capable of chugging along with the WOD.

My time for the WOD was a few minutes past the goal, but I was fine with it. It takes me a few extra seconds to get oriented correctly with the dumbbell since it’s lower contrast against the floor that the bar is or the brightly colored sandbag. The dumbbell can migrate a bit when I put it down, too, so I have to make sure I’m safely away from the rack and other stuff. The last thing I need to do is trip up with a dumbbell overhead.

The same goes for the burpees, slowing me down a bit. I do them in a sort of narrow space. If I am to one side or the other, I will kick the rack or the plate rack. I’ve done it before and it’s not fun. The new bench sticks out a little further than the old one, too.

All things said, to say that I am happy with how the WOD went would be an understatement for sure. It went better than I could have imagined it would. I broke the clusters right so that I could keep moving with them. Of course, I was breathing fire, but I was able to keep moving. I broke the sets greater than ten into two equal sets, then went unbroken from eight down. The clusters went pretty smoothly for me today. I could have gone harder with them, but now I know for next time.

My heart rate got higher than it has in the past couple weeks, and I maintained that very high heart rate through the WOD. According to my Garmin chest strap, my high was 181 and average was 166.

Music for the WOD was Spirits Of Fire.