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Got My Heart Rate Through The Roof On A WOD Today

I didn’t sleep that great last night. Well, I did sleep good, but woke up at 3:00 AM to the sound of a smoke detector beeping in my dream. I was dreaming that we were finding a cool cache too, damn it. I jumped out of bed when I woke up even though I didn’t hear it, and went and searched the house and found nothing wrong. Not only that, but I double and triple checked to be sure. After that, I laid there awake in bed for who knows how long. Eventually, I managed to fall back to sleep and get some more sleep, but it left me with that feeling of just being off all day.

I wasn’t really in the mood to do the WOD programmed for today. It had plenty of lunges and my knee was feeling a bit off. I’ll definitely do it another day, but for today I found a different one to do. The other thing is I just wanted a faster one for today with being tired. Lunges require too much concentration for me to do them today. Doing the dumbbell overhead lunges, today, would have probably fried my brain too much.

I searched and searched for a WOD that looked like it would be a good one for me to do today. Finally, I settled on an older one that I have done several times in the past and got a lot out of it. It was a ladder of hang squat cleans and push presses. Today I went with the sandbag version for space reason and being able to drop from over head, so I could move faster.

I thought I came out too hot when I was done the round of six in like 3 minutes. That’s when I started taking a short break between sets, so I could get as close to the wall as I could without hitting it. I wound up making it through the round of 13 within the time cap. That last set was tough as I did the 13 of each movement in a little less than a minute. I was confident that I could get through it, but it was not easy.

When I was done, before I collapsed to the floor, I noticed my heart rate was 183 on my Garmin. I know it should be accurate because I always use a chest strap for WODS. I felt it too! It’s so hard these days for me to get my heart rate up that high. I guess I am just in better shape and of course there’s usually some movement that is a bit slower for me, but today’s WOD wasn’t one of those cases at all. I could just embrace the suck fest.

I have really been able to hit some of the WODs I’ve done hard in the recent weeks. I think the biggest reason is probably that it’s cooler now in the garage, but not yet cold.

Today’s music was Alice In Chains