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Got To Play With My 32kg Kettlebell Again

A few weeks ago, my wrist was killing me. The cyst was large and inflamed. It all came to a head when I was doing lighter twenty-four kilogram kettlebell swings. It did pop, but I also had to stop doing the swings. Since that was a partner WOD I just switched to air squats for myself to keep the pressure off it. Of course, it felt better in a few days, but my brain has been causing me to hesitate using the kettlebell.

I saw the vault WOD for this week, and to do this after three rounds of that and keep four scores didn’t interest me. SHIFT was more straightforward. Row, then swings and burpees. I wound up doing a few fewer burpees and swings, too. I thought that it would be a perfect workout to really push it with my wrist and go all out with the kettlebell swings. The plan was to go with the twenty-four kilogram one.

I got changed and headed out to the garage to get a workout before we went to the shitshow of a grocery store. When I was grabbing the kettlebell I grabbed the smaller one and thought, “No, I am going to use the thirty-kilo kettlebell!” so I grabbed that one. As always, I can always switch back to the lighter one if I needed to.

I got started on the WOD and learned quickly that it was going to go a little longer than I thought it would. That was okay, though. I just didn’t consider that six rounds meant six minutes alone spent on the rower. The rower with the glare from the bright sunshine was going to be a real fight today, I quickly learned. The sun was shining in the window at eye level and strobing between the trees and window divider. It was putting me on the edge of a headache, but it was only a minute at a time, so I did my best to focus and push through it. I was completely out of sync with my rowing, though.

After the rower, I moved on to the kettlebell swings. These were my main focus today, and to be frank, all I really cared about was pushing myself on. I did the first two sets of sixteen unbroken. I was getting back on my heels a lot, which meant I had powerful swings today. Even though I was using the two pood bell it was going overhead without even trying to go overhead. Yes, I still think programming going overhead is stupid. It made sense as a competition standard, but I see so many people say different stimulus. For me, the going overhead is only a more powerful swing. Not this weird bending arms to push it overhead crap that I see so much of.

I can say that I was surprised at how great the swings felt today. They were unbroken again during the final round, and I still went overhead. I guess, as always, I was just being overly cautious with pushing myself with weight or a movement, but that is undoubtedly what keeps me injury-free. It really is a no-brainer that it’s better to wish I’d pushed harder and not be injured than it is to wish I hadn’t overdone it and have to deal with forced rest.

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