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I Did A WOD With Movements I Am Not Good At Plus My Twenty Rep Squats Today

I woke up feeling much better today than the past few days. I got more sleep for one. I actually slept until about 6:00 AM! I had fucked up dreams, but that’s another story. It’s weird for me to be able to sleep a bit later once I have been getting up early. I’ve always been a morning person and was my dad’s alarm clock growing up. If he had to wake up at 4 for work, I woke up and woke him up. I’ve never needed to set an alarm, of course I did just in case, but I never needed it.

Also, this morning, it seems that my nagging headache I’ve had the past couple of days is gone. I’m not sure what that was about. My head has been stuffy a bit the past few days, really ever since I did an outside WOD and started getting my nose irritated from diesel trucks. My trap had also been angry, making my neck angry, so that was a factor. I was starting to wonder though if it was a sign that I was having residual effects from having COVID. I had been fine for a month, but that virus seemingly does some weird shit, so I was beginning to wonder if I am not a long hauler and have just been able to ignore the symptoms.

I may have been just a bit dehydrated yesterday too, as I had been holding off on drinking too much water while the sewer was clogged. Stupid tree roots. Once it was fixed, I downed a bunch of water.

I have been spending time the past few months trying to do movements and exercises I am not good at when they come up, rather than the typical just skip it or modify it. Last week a WOD came up with two exercises I’m not good at and in no way am I even comfortable with them. They are Wall Walks (which I can’t do not having anything over the insulation in the garage and not enough open wall space inside) and what they call man makers. It’s a push-up + a renegade row on each side into a cluster. These I am just not really comfortable with the movement yet, so I only used 25 pound dumbbells. I certainly could go heavier but the movement just for the time being requires too much thought from me, so I decided to go a bit lighter for now and sort of consider it to be a practice movement. I’ll Rx the weight in no time, but I’m being patient for now.

The wall walks we can’t do here, so I scale it to pike ups on the box. Even with those, I have a ton of difficulties with it. I have no problems at all being upside-down and have done plenty of handstand push-ups. I just don’t really find balance facing an object. I just can’t seem to visually get a good mental picture, but that’s likely with one okay eye and the other not useful, I find I can’t get a good judgment of how vertical I am with a wall or something directly in my field of view. Nevertheless I have been trying to work on it to the best of my ability with what we have here to work with. I just don’t feel balanced directly facing an object, but if I can see the floor out ahead of me, I am fine. I’ve even removed my feet from the wall that way, and taken a handstand step or two back when we had the space to do it at the gym.

I took my time to a point with the WOD and got through it well within their goal time, but I didn’t rush it or put much intensity into it. That’s their goal, but not mine for now. It’s more practice with a little cardio for me at this point. That’s the way I was with most WODs when we went to a Crossfit gym. I took my time to learn and really wasn’t too aggressive with the intensity for at least a year, and I think it’s paid off immensely. The owner of that gym though was always all about form over speed or weight. I was and am still grateful to have originally learned to do Crossfit style workouts this way instead of the “go all out, no matter what” that I see posted far too often other places.

The music for the WOD was Deeds Of Flesh.

After recovering a bit from the WOD, I decided why not just knock out my twenty rep squats since my legs were pretty warmed up from the thrusters. These back squats today felt light and fast, and they were all very consistent through all twenty repetitions at the 185 pounds. Per the video I took, they all looked great, with no sloppy reps like I sometimes have. I was happy with them after feeling off a few days now. The weight wasn’t even challenging in any way today. My legs were tired still from the WOD, and I wasn’t fully recovered yet, so it took an extra breath or two between reps and an extra second or so to get focused and set, but it wasn’t difficult. Just a tad slower than normal.

Today was one of those odd days with my lifting that happen every so often. I didn’t turn on any music. Sometimes it’s just nice to have silence and just totally focus on my lifts, and today was one of those days. When there are no distractions at all, it’s just you versus the weight and gravity, with nothing else involved.