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WOD Out Of My Comfort Zone

I was thinking about passing on today’s WOD being tired an it being once again hot but I gave the single shoulder squats a shot and they didn’t feel too bad. The squats were one shoulder sandbag squats. They felt a little awkward with the weight being on one side but there was no reason not to do it or go with a heavier sandbag.

The WOD was 3 rounds of row 750 meters and 50 single shoulder squats with the sandbag. I would have liked to have done the run version of this WOD but with the constantly running tractors and non stop dump truck noise from the construction behind us that wasn’t a valid option since I rely so much on sound to hear traffic.

I knew it was going to be longer tougher WOD for me so I started out being prepared by having both water bottles filled and sitting on the box for me.

The rows were surprisingly consistent. Only a few seconds difference each round which I am really happy about. No I didn’t kill myself on the row. Given that I have poor eyesight and can’t just glance down at the PM5 monitor and see my stroke rate or pace I’ve always somewhat struggled with pacing. Finally After doing many much longer rows than would be done in a typical WOD I learned to “feel” the pace. I’m talking when I was doing 10ks multiple times a day a couple of years back.

I used 75 pounds in the sandbag. It never felt all that heavy. Just a little awkward and off balance being one one side that’s to be expected. I had considered using all three fillers and going with a hundred pounds. I certainly feel like I could have done it but I didn’t want to press my luck with a movement I am not able to remember doing before. I guess side to side thrusters are similar enough in hind sight.

The first round felt good. I got through that in about 5-6 minutes. I never had to put down the sandbag with this round. It wasn’t fast but I was trying to pace it in a way I knew I’d be able to finish. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the squats.

The second round wasn’t too bad either. I got through that in a similar time. I also did not have to drop the sandbag to the floor which surprised me but I was happy about it.

The third round I was basically feeling out on my feet after the row. It was like my legs didn’t want to support my weight. That felt great! I did have to drop the sandbag once during this round as it was slipping off my shoulder and couldn’t seem to get it reset. I took that opportunity to switch sides and continue to pick away at the squats as my legs were on fire. It sure was one of those fun WODS!

The music I chose to listen to for this was Confessor’s Unraveled.