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What A Difference Compared To Last Monday

I actually had a great night’s sleep, I think. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. Since I didn’t wake up at all last night, I had to take my Levothyroxine when I got up, so I took my thyroid pill and laid back down for a bit on my tablet. I got up once enough time had passed waiting to drink my coffee.

After I took Brooke to the bus stop, I had to clean up the “mess.” She likes making a mess by dumping dominoes and other toys on me. If that’s the worst thing she does, then things are pretty good. When I was sick and told her not to, she didn’t.

Shortly after that, I got changed and headed out to the garage to get my strength for the day done. The day’s lifting session started off with the back squats at 195 pounds. They’re light, but they felt great and looked great. I took my time getting through my sets and even did two extra sets for five sets of five. They were easy today and I have no residual weakness that I felt in more core like I did last week.

After I was done with the back squats, it was time to move on to the strict presses. These were light for me at the 97 pounds and felt great today. I easily got done with five sets of five. They gave me no problems and my arm felt great today. With short rest breaks between sets, I was done with my shoulder presses in no time today.

The power cleans, like everything else today, were nice and light at 145 pounds for five triples. Remember, I lowered my weights after I got over my stomach bug last week. These, like the other lifts today, really felt great. They were light, so they should’ve been easy, but I was super explosive with the m today and my timing just seemed to be spot on. More importantly is after the last power clean of each set I easily strict pressed the 145 pounds with zero tightness or anything left in my shoulder.

I took a little break after finishing up my lifting session and ate a little something. Soon after that, I headed back out to the gym to do a WOD.

I went with today’s SHIFT WOD, which was easy enough. I scaled the squat + presses up to thrusters, but kept them at the 25 pound dumbbells. Unlike last Saturday when I did program A using only the 16 kilogram kettlebell, I went back up to the 24 kilogram one today. Saturday, I was still feeling weak and rundown, but not today. I met the goal with the WOD, but I have to say that it was actually a little tougher than I expected it to be. It was pretty warm in the garage by this point, or at least a lot warmer than it has been all winter. In the summer today would have been a nice, refreshing and cool, if not cold day, but these things are all relative. The WOD got my heart rate up pretty good, and that was the purpose of doing it.

It was a good day for me today in the garage. This was a much better day in general for me than last Monday was, that’s for sure. I wasn’t having those constant stomach cramps today, and wasn’t having a lack of energy from lack of food and water from shitting. I felt great today!

Music today was Alice In Chains.

After I finished my WOD, I had to take advantage of the nice day. It was in the upper fifties, will get much warmer the rest of the week, but today we have sunshine with mostly clear skies apart from the slight hazy clouds. It felt good to relax on the patio in my chair and close my eyes to collect some vitamin D. It was relaxing listening to the birds, Most what I hard was a wren.

Hearing the wrens always relaxes me and puts me in a good state of mind. Growing up, when we went to the mountains, that was the main bird that we’d hear. I didn’t know then that it was the wrens that I was hearing, but I do now. The mountains were always my happy place when I spent most of my childhood depressed about my poor eyesight and other things.

After we finished eating supper and digested a few minutes, we went for a nice mile and a quarter walk. The sun was setting, and the temperature was in the mid-50s with a light breeze, and that made for a really enjoyable walk. The birders were singing. At one point, when we turned around a corner, there was a lawnmower going down the block from us, but they even turned that off before we got to that point. That and the one car that came up the street were the only distractions that we had today. Oh, and down on the last street near the field I swear, well, we both swore that we heard a cow moo.

It’s so nice to get our quiet walks in around town after supper. We just enjoy each other’s company and talk about whatever. I really do enjoy that time. The only thing that would improve them for me is if we were walking in the woods, but there aren’t any woods near our house, so that’s out of the question.