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Deadlifts Felt Pretty Good

Last night I slept pretty decently. I have slept well the past couple of nights. They’ve been a sleeping straighter through the night type of rest full sleep. This morning I woke up feeling refreshed. I have a feeling these next to nights will be different with the warm weather moving in.

Feeling well rested and in a great mood this morning, I found my coffee to be even more enjoyable than usual. I drank it as I was scrolling through the news and the other websites I check in the morning. There are not many things in life that are better than enjoying fresh coffee. It’s the taste and smell of it that are the best part. The smell of coffee has always been one of the greatest smells that I enjoy.

My side, towards the back, is still nagging me a little. It’s been a little over a week now. I’m not sure what I did, but I think it’s from tripping on a sidewalk. It doesn’t hurt to do any lifts or anything, but it’s a little discomfort that I feel, especially when I first get up. Because of the slight annoyance of it, I have been siding on the caution side and been conservative with my lifts and a little more conservative with the weights I use in WOD. These things are bound to happen to me, given I’m in my late forties.

Once the mail was delivered, I got changed and headed into the garage to get my deadlifts done. I wanted to at least attempt them and see how they felt. Of course, if I felt anything on my side, I was going to walk away. This is my heavy week, of course. A short delay is better than a long time off because I pushed through when I shouldn’t have. The lightest warm up set felt pretty good. I felt like I had a good setup and wasn’t losing my form, so I slowly worked my way up through the weights. The heavier weights actually felt even better. Eventually, I got to my final set of one plus reps. Today it was at a fairly heavy three hundred pounds, even for me. It felt great for the single rep I did. I had more in the tank, but today wasn’t a day I wanted to chase a PR>

Shortly after completing my deadlifts, I got a WOD in. It was just dumbbell squats and push-ups plus pull across. I felt good doing the WOD with the thirty pound dumbbells. A little lighter than I normally would use, but it made sense today. Laziness was a factor in that decision too. Those were the first dumbbells I picked up. The WOD went pretty well until I pulled the dumbbell into my other hand. It’s not like it hurts to do that, but it reminds me to pay more attention. They’re a dumb movement, but that’s just my opinion. The garage is getting a little warm now, with the temperature getting into the upper sixties outside by the time I had completed the WOD.

I took some time out in my chair on the patio, collecting some sunshine. It’s very likely I will be doing that again soon. I’m trying to get darker without getting sunburn, so I don’t have to think about it later, oh.

Music for the WOD was Alice In Chains.