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I Redid Yesterday's WOD And Actually Finished It Today

It’s been close to a year if not longer than that since I actually walked away from a WOD and yesterday I had to do just that. The WOD was four rounds of a bunch of barbell work (deadlifts, hang power cleans and jerks) ,row 500 then do the barbell stuff again. I had chosen to do the RX weight and it really should’ve have been a problem for me as I used to use much heavier weight for this sort of thing in the past. It was do this then rest 2 minutes and do it again for four rounds.

Right from the start the lifts felt weird but it was no big deal. I figured with the excessively light weight maybe I was being a little sloppy with the movements so I slowed it down the second round. I also thought maybe it was from doing my total this week or my other strength stuff yesterday morning. Maybe I was just tired. Finally near the end of the second part of the second round it happened.

I heard an unusual sound as I was ding the fifth jerk then felt the weight shift as the plate slid off the end of the bar. The 96 pounds was light for me so I just controlled it on the way down with the 25 pound plate now only remaining on one side. I just stood there looking at it thinking what the fuck just happened here.

That’s when I realized I had forgotten to put the clip on one side of the bar. I had it in my hand to do it but got side tracked closing the curtain to stop the sun from shining in my eyes during the WOD then inadvertently put it on the same side as the other one. It’s hard to believe that it’s taken me seven years or so of Crossfit style workouts to do this but then again it’s not that hard to believe. I triple or quadruple check every time I am doing a WOD to see if I have the clips on. Clearly today I didn’t do that. Oops.

The only other time I had lost a plate on one side is in the old Crossfit gym cycling full cleans. That time the clip had popped open and slid off and promptly got put away by the owner. That time I didn’t full lose the plate as I became aware of it sliding outward and just dropped the bar before it came off. No big deal though, shit happens some times and you gotta be prepared to deal with it.

Needless to say yesterday I just put my shit away and walked away from the WOD or anything else for the day. Reason number one is while I didn’t believe I’d injured myself I wanted to take the rest of the day to rest and see if my back tightened up at all as even though it was light it did probably load it awkwardly but really probably not too much more than single dumbbell or belletrist stuff does except that’s expected.

Today I felt pretty good so I went ahead and did the dumbbell version of the WOD but with only 25 pound dumbbells as I am not as competent with a lot of the dumbbell stuff as I am with the barbell. The bar I don’t even have to think about what I am doing anymore, its really just muscle memory now but I am not there yet with the dumbbells. That’s th difference between a few months or so of working with dumbbells and years with the barbell. It’ll get there with time.

The WOD went pretty well and I got near their time goal to the best I could guesstimate. It was one of those ones where they want you to track the times of the rounds individually which doesn’t really work out well with me being visually impaired and all. The vision issues also have me stop the rower to look at the screen a few times a row as I haven’t been able to really judge how close I am the past few rowing WODs. My guesses have been way too ahead of reality and I don’t know why that is.

The important thing is that I got a good workout in and above all that’s why I am doing this. The score on the whiteboard isn’t that important to me other than to see how I do in the future if we repeat a WOD. To a point the score mattered more in the physical gym but that’s because I knew which other members I was close to in skills and abilities and I’d like to see how I did compared to them. With street parking we don’t really have that and there are a decent amount of people that log inaccurately anyways.