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80s Halloween In The Home Gym

Last year we were walking through the Halloween store with the grandkids, and something caught my attention as I was wandering out. It was right before Halloween, so as you would imagine, that store was a complete shitshow.

I saw an eighties’ workout costume, but due to the store being a madhouse, I didn’t bother to pick it up. When we got home, I searched Amazon, but didn’t really find anything that would work for what I wanted and get here in time. It was okay, though.

Fast-forward to the other week, when we were at Joy’s, there was some 80s cock rock playing. It reminded me of this idea. When we got home, I searched Amazon, and of course, that was one of the times that Molly had to tell me something every five minutes, so I gave up on searching. When she was not here, I looked again and found a costume that was fairly highly rated, but the sizing seemed to be off.

I did find something similar and cheaper that would get here in time. It was obviously Chinese with no reviews, but I took a chance. It got here and fit okay for my needs.

I didn’t get to do it on Halloween since I was feeling off all day, and she got home from work late. I had to do it when the sun was coming in to show mine. If I’m going to go in, I have to go all in. The sun would make the pink pants and arm thing brighter, along with the blue one-piece thing. It even came with a pink headband and a bright fanny pack! I had to go all in and wear my bright, Nobull runners for the WOD.

For the WOD I had to do it right. I went with a shift that was just air squats and presses. Since I was making fun of those old workout videos, I used the smallest dumbbells that we have. The five-pound ones certainly made the WOD interesting, since they felt like they wanted to launch into space. I got done with the workout ridiculously fast. I had to do it right and put the Bee Gees on for music. Molly was laughing the entire time I did the WOD and that was my main goal. The best fifteen bucks I’ve spent in a long time!

If you’re not having fun, I would say that you’re living your life wrong. Take life less seriously when you don’t have to be serious. Apparently, the picture or whatever Molly sent to her daughters made them laugh. That is what I’m all about.