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Deadlifts And Another WOD With With My Weight Vest

Last night, I slept well again. That had me feeling great and wanting to get to my deadlifts this morning. But first I had to drink my coffee, then kill some time until it was not so early I’d risk being the asshole neighbor. I woke up a little before 4:30 AM this morning, so there was plenty of waiting around to do.

Once I got out into the garage, the deadlifts felt pretty good during the lighter set. Sure, the lifts felt a little heavier than they should have, but they felt nowhere near as difficult as last week felt. They felt a little awkward as the weight got up there, but I think I was favoring my one leg a little. When I got up, my right leg was feeling a bit angry with me. I guess that was from those weighted burpees yesterday.

They did feel less awkward for the last set. I made it a point to make sure I was not off center on the bar, and I also thought about pulling more evenly. The final set for me today was the three plus AMRAP at a somewhat heavy two hundred and seventy pounds. I made four reps pretty easily, but I was just beginning to feel a twinge in my elbow. I called it there because of that, but I could have gotten a couple of more reps in by the way it felt.

I put my weights away, then relaxed a little on the computer while seeking a WOD to do. I wanted to do a longer one, but at the same time I wanted to take it easy with my elbow to let it rest some more. It feels a lot better, but I want to allow a little more rest.

I finally settled on an older WOD but more recent than yesterday’s that was just three rounds of fifty air squats, then rowing five hundred meters. That was a straight-forward workout that would get me a good workout and not overuse my elbow. I opted to use my weight vest again because I thought the high reps of air squats would be a perfect chance to use it.

As expected, the weight vest slowed me down some, and if I remember the goal correctly, I didn’t quite make it in the goal time. But then again, I just kept my total time, and their idea of a score was the slowest round. I do this for fitness, so I see no need to worry about exact scores these days.

The extra weight certainly made the squats a little more challenging, but not too bad. I did go a tad slower than normal with my quad being angry this morning, but just the moving seemed to get it to loosen up.

The rowing was a little weird with the weight vest, but I wasn’t going to take it off for the row. The handle was just hitting me sooner than I’m used to. All in all, though, it was a good WOD. It got my heart rate up, but not as high as I would have expected.

My music choice for today was Demilich.