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Heavy Squat Felt Great!

I slept pretty good last night. I woke up this morning feeling very refreshed and restored. Not only that, but I had zero stiffness in my glutes or core when I rolled over to get out of bed. It’s been feeling better each day, but today was the first day when I didn’t have to stretch when I got up.

While I was drinking my coffee and browsing the web, I was internally debating whether I thought it was a good idea to try my squats today. I was fine after some unilateral stuff in WODs yesterday, so I decided to give the squats a shot this morning.

I took my time, working my way up through the lighter sets while warming up. No, really, I didn’t. I intended to take it slow, but my internal clock must have been running too fast today. What I thought was two to three minutes of rest between sets was actually a little less than two. They were feeling great.

I did take a little longer between the working sets. I had noticed how quickly I was working, so I forced myself to slow down and keep an eye on the timer on my watch. Those felt great too! Today was the one plus AMRAP day, so I had to do at least one at two hundred and eighty pounds. I knew I could do it but was unsure whether I should even get under that weight. The final decision was that I would load up the bar and see how it felt on my back. I would do no more than one rep, no matter how good it felt.

The heavy set did feel great. I got one rep at those two hundred and eighty pounds. I would describe it as an easy and very explosive rep. Somehow, I managed to rack the bar before I could even think about doing another rep. I had the plan and stuck with it! Of course, I did feel it a little in my core, but that shouldn’t be unexpected at a heavyweight like this on any day.

An hour or two later, I decided that I wanted to get a WOD in. Today’s was out since I wasn’t doing farmer’s carries in the rain or tracking mud and water in and out. They’re not something I can imagine myself ever being willing to do on the treadmill. I found a simple, older one that was just rowing and back squats. I went with the sandbag since it’s lighter, and I could knock them out quickly. For this workout, I wanted to push the speed with them and not think about my core today. In the end, I fucked up the rep scheme and did two reps short, but I still got a good workout in and got my heart rate up.

At the end of the day, I am thrilled with what I did today. I mean, I got under a heavy bar, which felt like something I’d be taking a longer break from last week. Any day at the bar is great!

Music for the squats was Metal Church